Gautam Adani said that today the world is at a turning point. Climate change, the COVID pandemic, disruptions in global supply chains, the Russo-Ukraine war and inflation have created an environment of panic and uncertainty around the world. Nice to hear the diverse views at WEF in this regard. However, it was also a matter of concern that there was very little presence from countries like China, Japan and Korea, so we could know very little about them.

It is ironic, however, that the developed nations, which were setting goals and giving harsh lectures about climate change to the rest of the world, are now themselves concerned about it, as their own energy security is at risk. However, the concern of most of the delegates who had the opportunity to meet in Davos was related to defence, not climate change.

In fact, due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, many countries are concerned for defense reasons. If seen, international alliances and agreements are variable, built on the foundation of selfishness. In fact, the most economically developed nations on earth are scrambling to find an alternative to a world they themselves are responsible for building.

Some countries have become highly dependent on others to meet their manufacturing needs. This also includes their energy needs.

I went to Davos to learn how world leaders see the present day, and how they can define a global agenda. Equity is an important aspect of any effort to tackle climate change. In such a situation, we all should cooperate with each other.

As a response to the global situation, I believe that our Prime Minister’s self-reliant India plan is indeed a great inspiration for all of us. India needs to become self-reliant in all fields. It is clear that there is no substitute for self-reliance in these uncertain times. The good thing for us is that we are continuously moving towards self-reliance.

Amidst all the turmoil happening in the world, India’s huge presence on the World Economic Forum was reassuring. This has shown that India is no longer shying away from asserting itself in the global arena. This is a sign of our growing confidence. PLC/GT


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