New Delhi,
The Chairman Railway Board Shri Ashwani Lohani has called upon the railwaymen across the country to always be on guard to ensure the highest level of safety in train operations and instill a renewed sense of confidence in railway passengers. He emphasized that safety should always remain principle focused area.

In a letter sent to all railwaymen, Shri Lohani stressed the need to resolve to bring about an all-round improvement in the working of the railways so that we are able to satisfactorily meet the hopes,  expectations and aspirations of the vast multitude.

Referring to the committed workforce of Indian Railways, the Chairman Railway board said that the sincerity, dedication and professional capability of the railway employees, both officers and staff is indeed unparalleled. It is the men on the field who, regardless of their personal inconveniences and hardships, ensure that the wheels of the Nation keep moving surely and safely.  This is what makes the Indian Railways the most visible symbol of dynamic delivery in our country.

He also pointed out that there is need to deal with the evils of corruption, sexual harassment at work places and alcohol abuse while on duty. These are social evils and need to  be dealt firmly with an iron hand, he added.

He also talked about cleanliness at railway stations, trains, operation ratio, welfare of the railwaymen, avoiding frills in the functions.

Through the message, in an important development, Shri Ashwani Lohani, Chairman, Railway Board has established a dialogue with its 1.3 million employees of Railways by writing a letter to the employees of Indian Railways across the country. In the letter, Shri Lohani, Chairman, Railway Board, has asked all the employees to pitch in wholeheartedly to  restore the glorious image of Indian Railways. In the letter, Chairman, Railway Board has posed his faith in the employees’ sincerity, dedication & professional capabilities.


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