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Monday, September 21st, 2020

There is absolutely no feeling of insecurity- Jitendra Hirawat and Sonal

INVC,, Mumbai,, Doordarshan’s latest serial  “Karmyudh” is directed by Keval Sethi and Ravindra Gautam. The story is based on a young and dynamic politician “Yashwant Chauhan” and his police officer wife “Shivangi Chauhan”. Both of them are extremely hardworking and dedicated in their respective careers .Both of them love each other a lot but have frequent clashes due to their ideological differences. They have a son Rohit(Jitendra Hirawat) and a daughter Pallavi (Sonal). Recently during the shooting of “Karmyudh” in Future Studios in Mumbai, we caught hold of Jitendra and Sonal and asked them some questions. Excerpts-
  • What is the story of “Karmyudh”?
    Sonal- A young and dynamic politician having ideological differences and clashes with his police-officer wife is the story of “Karmyudh”. Inspite of being highly career-oriented and ambitious both of them fulfill their respective roles in the household successfully. They are extremely honest in their careers and they don’t take lightly any kind of impudence or interference in their respective workplaces and always follow their principles in life. There are 5 members in our family-Me,father,mother,my brother and my grandmother. We all live very happily but there certain incidents disrupt our family life.
  • What are your roles in the serial?
    Jitendra-I play the role of “Rohit” who is the son of Yashwant Chauhan and Shivangi Chauhan. I am very close to my mother and I can never bear anyone saying even a single word against her. I can fight with my father also if I have to for my mother.
    Sonal-I play the role of “Pallavi” and I don’t agree with my father’s ideologies. My character is very mature for her age and I always  try to keep my family happy and content. I am a girl who leads a very modern lifestyle, yet loves to read the “Geeta” with my grandmother.
  • Is “Karmyudh” your  first serial?
    Jitendra-Yes this is my very first serial.I have done some advertisements before , but I have never acted in a serial before. I was specific about not wanting to act in a “Saas-Bahu” type of a serial. That’s why I decided to act in this serial which has a very different storyline.It’s an amazing experience having to work with talented co-stars Rohini jee, Vaisnav i jee and Harsh jee. Every day I get to learn some new things from them.
    Sonal- Before “Karmyudh” I have acted in “Hamari Betiyon ka Vivaah” on Zee TV and also in”Dil Mill Gaye”. I was also doing “Fauji-2” but I am disappointed that the project is shelved now. I have always played characters which I can relate to in my real life as well. There is no sense of insecurity even though I am working with actors who have a lot of experience. It’s a please working with them as they never try to over-shadow us. Rajiv jee and Keval jee are very jolly and helpful and it’s wonderful to work for them.
  • What is your take-on on the reality shows being  telecasted on almost every channel nowadays?
    Jitendra-I don’t  like to share my personal life on television, like the way they do on reality shows like “Emotional Attyachar”.I  am a private person and I like to keep my personal matters all to myself.
    Sonal- I watch reality shows but very rarely. I enjoy watching such shows but personally I wouldn’t like my personal life to be shared with everyone like they do on reality shows. I had participated in a dance reality show “Yeh Hai Jalwa” and I was in Hussain’s team. I had a blast participating in that dance show as we got to experience different stuff every week  and as I really enjoy dancing too.
  • Any plans to do Comedy shows?
    Jitendra-I enjoy comedy shows.I hope I get a chance to do a comedy show in the future.
Sonal-I have shot a pilot for a comedy show on SAB TV. I like the working environment of a comedy show. Even when you are tired after a long shoot and are returning home, you still feel fresh and vibrant. On the other hand if you work in a serious-drama serial you always feel leth. jit



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