The world’s largest renewable energy park is being built in Kutch

Adani Green Energy Limited

Kutch : The world’s largest renewable energy park is being built in Khavda, Kutch, Gujarat. Adani Group’s Energy Park, spread over an area of 538 square kilometers, is 5 times bigger than Paris. Adani Green Energy Limited will spend about Rs 1.5 lakh crore to produce 30 MW of clean energy. The outer edge of this energy park is just one kilometer away from the international border with Pakistan.

Adani Green Energy Limited, the country’s largest renewable energy company, will invest about Rs 1.5 lakh crore for the production of clean power in Khavra, Kutch in Gujarat. Company’s Managing Director Vineet Jain gave this information. Jain said, “We have just commissioned 2,000 MW (two gigawatt) power capacity in Khavra.

There are many challenges in this area of extremely salty water. Dust storms occur from March to June, there is no communication and transportation infrastructure, the nearest habitable place is about 80 kilometers away from the energy park. It has set a target of producing 500 GW of electricity from non-fossil sources by the year 2030. Jain said the Khavra Energy Park will produce 81 billion units of electricity at its peak, which is enough to power countries like Belgium, Chile and Switzerland.

Mr. Jain said that out of the 30 gigawatt capacity planned in Khavra Park, 26 gigawatt will be solar energy and four gigawatt will be wind capacity. Adani Green Energy’s current operating portfolio includes 7,393 MW solar, 1,401 MW wind and 2,140 MW wind-solar hybrid capacity. Khavda land is owned by the government, which has given it to the Adani Group on a 40-year lease. The construction of this energy park started in 2022.


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