Haryana Government is continuously striving to ensure that the welfare services are delivered to the eligible beneficiaries in an efficient and time bound manner. The State Government has strenuously worked to ensure its vision of Good-Governance in all its initiatives. The State Government has further notified 43 services of HSVP under administrative control of Department of Town and Country planning, under the Right to Service Act 2014, upon the recommendations of Chief Commissioner, Haryana Right to Service Commission, Sh. TC Gupta.

This has led to significant increase in the list of notified services of HSVP to 43 from existing 16 services. Many important services like Issuance of Possession Certificate has been notified with the new right to service timeline of 3 days, Removal of Encroachment within the timeline of 15 days, Cleaning of road/berm within the timeline of 5 days, Maintenance of Park-Horticulture within the timeline of 7 days and more such services have been added with an aim to curb corruption, reduce hassle of the applicant beneficiaries and also ensuring the delivery of notified services in a time bound manner.

Also the timelines for delivery of certain important notified services that have a bearing on every day lives of the people have also been significantly reduced such as Transfer Permission letter in death case which was previously delivered in 45 days has been reduced to 4 days, Issuance of Re-Allotment Letter from 30 days to 4 days, Issuance of Conveyance Deed from 20 days to 5 days, Fresh Building Plan- Residential from 30 days to 3 days, Issuance of No Dues Certificate from 10 days to 3 days. This will go a long way in affording ease of living to the people who would stand to benefit from these services.

Recently the State Government has implemented AAS (Auto Appeal System) which is also a very robust initiative of the State Government towards putting multi checks in the process of delivery of services. This appeal system sets accountability of the concerned officers and also supports the beneficiaries to track their process.


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