The use of the dark web is increasing the drug business with great speed

In all the states of the country, the young generation is becoming victims of LSD addiction with great speed. LSD drug customers are becoming widespread in schools, colleges, hostels, paying guest coaching centers and commercial places. The number of panders supplying this drug is also increasing rapidly. Educated unemployed youths are stepping into this drug business. Which is the biggest concern.

Dark Web Access

Supply of LSD tablets and MD intoxicant, popularly known as dry drug among the youth, has become very common in every state and every district of the country. Dark web is now being used for supply and payment. Due to which this business of drugs is increasing rapidly. During the investigation, it has come to light that on booking an order through dark web, the supply of narcotics is available at the specified place.

Payment is also done on this platform. The location of the supply is sent through text message to the secret account. The code word is given. On telling it, the drug is easily delivered safely.

For the last three-four years, this business of drugs is increasing rapidly. First the youth himself becomes a victim of drugs. Later he also gets involved in the supply business. Due to unemployment, now it is also becoming a new employment business for the youth.


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