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Thursday, December 9th, 2021

The state of the art Valley to strengthen India’s share in world bicycle market


New Delhi, Renewable energy is not just a fashion but a commandment of the times and to this end, HMC has launched a new leaner, friendlier, more cost effective instrument for the masses to complete their daily commute on! The EZephyr, first of its kind to be equipped with a throttle, to provide the ease and convenience of a scooty without the associated bulk, and a pedal assist to make the user’s ride quality a peach, is just a click away for the enlightened consumer of the new century. The state of Punjab is set to play host to Hero’s billion dollar e-bike ventures as HMC’s daughter company, Lectro is ready with its new project. The Punjab government is ready to allocate 100 acres of land for Hero’s project (Cycle/eBike Vally) with the latter committing Rs 250 crore in investments. The first manufactured lot of Lectro EZephyr is already on Indian roads and production plans include 4000 units to be released in September and 8000 by January 19. Hero plans to launch electric bicycles for 10 different segments by use case. For this purpose, HMC will take up 5 different joint ventures with Japanese, Germans and Taiwanese top of the line Companies on the table within next 6 months. HMC’s UK subsidiary, Avocet, is also planning to launch these new models in September. EZephyr is an electrically pedal assisted cycle that is unique in its category because it is light enough to be carried by an ordinary individual, having an aerodynamic design made of light but durable alloy. Moreover, the battery is integrated with the chassis instead of showing up as an external piece of hardware. This stylish, fat-free design has been crafted in-house by its Manchester based Hero Global Design Center. “Globally, the e-bike market is set to touch USD 21.3 billion by 2023 and there is every sign of e-bike culture growing in India too. Electrically assisted vehicles like the Lectro EZephyr are thinner, more convenient and safer to ride, with a running cost of approx. Rs 5 for every 100KM. We will cater to various segments that currently uses internal combustion engine to move. We have the ability to quickly scale up production to a million bikes if needed with capacity already touching 6 million at 4 of our plants. Hero is looking for associations where the charging of batteries is not required for up to 500 kms. We are funded and don't need external support at this stage as Hero Motors will localize the EDU, with partners funding their portions.”, says Mr. Pankaj M Munjal, Chairman, Hero Motors Company. Nevertheless, the global e-bicycle market is projected to expand every year at a rapid speed with rising fuel prices and government across the Globe promoting e-mobility with renewed vigor. India, itself is home to some of the most polluted cities in the world with a WHO study ranking major metropolises including Delhi, as one of the most hazardous place to live with PM 2.5 particles well above safe levels. On Automotive business, HMC is also ready with its e-transmission project for high end cars in the UK through joint efforts with Hewland Transmissions. HMC already has a company Hexi for bike sharing in India, which is in collaboration with leading global partner to put last mile connectivity issue. This initiative will target users of motorized vehicles under various segments of preference. E-bicycles unlike any other electric vehicle, can be simply paddled home in case the battery runs out of charge mid-way, which is actually a great limp home service support it offers. EZephyr, Hero’s new E-Bike, need a mere 4 hours of charging to last ~30 kilometers in one go and supports speeds of up to 25 km/hr. It can also be driven at a leisurely 6 km/hr for easy conversation with a walking partner on walk along mode. E-mobility is already quite popular in places such as Europe, Japan among many others where they have contributed significantly in reducing fuel dependence, saving city budgets and lowering urban air pollution and growing traffic congestion.



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