Thursday, April 9th, 2020

The Spurt in Argentina Healthcare Market Driven by Hip replacement surgeries


New Delhi, Ken Research has announced recent publication titled “Argentina Hip Reconstruction Market Outlook to 2022”, discusses hip reconstruction market and future outlook in the country in value and volume terms. The report also discusses market segments including Primary Hip Replacement, Partial Hip Replacement, Revision Hip Replacement and Hip Resurfacing. It detail major players and competition in the market along with company shares and distribution shares data for the market category. Report detail market trends, medical facilities in the country, Hip reconstruction average price and hip reconstruction market pipeline products. The hip reconstruction is a medical procedure to minimize the pain and rigidity in the hips and is most effective in cases of severe osteoarthritis. The rate of hip replacement surgeries has increased by over 25% in the last decade. The hip replacement market is divided in two parts- by product and by geography. By geography, there are major 39 countries where this market has the strongest hold. The main drivers of the hip replacement market are the growing number of population suffering from the musculoskeletal problems. Growing cases  of rheumatoid arthritis, hip injuries, osteoarthritis, and an obese and aging population will provide a boost to the market.  Another important factor is the low risk associated with the hip replacement surgeries as serious complications occur in fewer than 2% of patients and the mortality rate from hip replacement surgery is well below 1%. The advancement in the technology has also been one of the greatest contributors of the growth of market.  The introduction of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and 3D printing technology has given a big boost. The minimally invasive surgery reduces the amount of soft tissue problem during a procedure, speeds the patient recovery, and reduces discomfort. The hip replacement market has seen one of the best growths in Argentina.  There are several factors responsible for it. The spurt in the healthcare market in Argentina started when collapse of their currency (the peso) in January 2002, which had previously been pegged to the US dollar. This collapse resulted in extremely favorable exchange rates for US citizens visiting Argentina.



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