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The South American film Directors want to take the help of Indian film industry to develop the film industry in their countries. Interacting with media at the 44th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) here today, the Directors said that since the film industry in South America is very young and growing, the collaboration with booming Indian film industry could be a wider platform for the South American film industries.  The Director of film the ‘Reading According to Justino’, Arnaldo Andre said that during his visit to India, he will interact with the Indian film industry for cooperation in film making in Paraguay. ‘Reading According to Justino’ is being screened in Cinema of the World Category at the IFFI-2013.  The Directors of the film ‘So Much Water’ (Uruguay), Ana Guevara and Leticia Jorge also said that the South American film industry is not growing because of lack of sufficient fund for completion of films. They said, in their country film making is not an industry like in India. They have to work alone to complete the film. Though these countries have talented people but because of lack of infrastructure in film producing and distribution the film industry is not growing. ‘So Much Water’ is being screened in the Cinema of the World Category at the ongoing IFFI-2013.


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