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Saturday, January 16th, 2021

The soft and soothing ‘Dil Ki Gullak’ from ALTBalaji and ZEE5’s Baarish 2 will make you fall in love


Mumbai , 

With fans continuing to rave about the cute and mature love story between Anuj (Sharman Joshi) and Gauravi (Asha Negi) in ALTBalaji and ZEE5’s Baarish Season 2, the show makes us fall in love with this adorable pair once again with the release of a soulful track ‘Dil Ki Gullak’. The soft melody picturized on the Jodi highlights the ups and downs of their life, with the lyrics adding to the special bond that they share. What starts off with the cute moments soon turning into the couple contemplating divorce, this track further adds to the intrigue surrounding the fate of Anuj and Gauravi in this unusual love story.


Composed by the talented Shamir Tandon, who has given music for films like Mission Istanbul and Inkar, the soul of 'Dil Ki Gullak' is in its two singers Rik Basu and Pratibha Singh Baghel who have given fans a track to cherish forever. And it’s the deep and heartfelt lyrics penned by Abhinav Nagar that adds meaning to the good and bad moments that Anuj and Gauravi go through. It’s a song that’s certainly going to make you realize that be it happy or sad, each and every moment in a relationship comes with a certain level of maturity.


Composer Shamir Tandon quips “It always has been a pleasure to score music for Balaji. My first outing with them was Ragini MMS where we had a very intimate melodic love song. And now it's time for Baarish. The song 'Dil ki Gullak' is one of my favorite and Ekta and her team was swift to pick this beautiful Raag based composition. I'm fortunate for this opportunity to work on this Sharman Joshi starrer and to everyone who wants to listen to this simple hummable track on repeat mode.“


Baarish 2 begins with Anuj and Gauravi rediscovering their bond and finding love through every challenge that life throws at them, as they dream of a future together. Things don’t seem to be going as per plan as Anuj, on seeing Gauravi face humiliation and hardships, changes as a human being in his quest to guarantee her happiness forever. Having to pay a heavy price sees Anuj lose the very charm and innocence that made Gauravi fall in love with him in the first place which makes her take a firm stand to not settle for this change. With the couple taking separate paths, it’s the rain that plays cupid once again to reunite these two hearts who yearn for each other.



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