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New Delhi : New Delhi witnessed a storm of controversy on the very first day of the release of the highly anticipated film, Adipurush. The film, which has hit theaters nationwide, found itself embroiled in a heated debate surrounding its dialogues. In response to the growing concerns, the national president of Hindu Sena, Vishnu Gupta, has taken legal action by filing a public interest litigation against the film in the esteemed Delhi High Court.

The petition alleges that the film has tampered with the portrayal of religious characters such as Lord Ram, Mother Sita, Hanuman, and Ravana. Consequently, there is a pressing demand from the petitioner to ban the film Adipurush entirely. Vishnu Gupta asserts that not only should the censor certificate issued to the film be revoked, but the movie should also be prohibited from being screened.

It is crucial to acknowledge that the sentiments of Hindus have been deeply wounded by the portrayal of characters in the film Adipurush. The petition emphasizes that Lord Rama, Sita, and Hanuman hold a sacred place in the hearts of Hindus, and any alteration or tampering with their image is simply unacceptable. Filmmakers, directors, and actors associated with Adipurush have, in the eyes of the petitioner, violated the fundamental rights of Hindus by manipulating these revered characters.

Furthermore, Ya Chika, a prominent figure supporting the cause, expresses their disapproval of the distorted depiction of Hindu religious characters in the film. This portrayal is viewed as inappropriate, as it infringes upon the freedom granted under Article 26, which guarantees the right to manage religious affairs. The petition contends that the hairstyles, beards, and attire of these characters have been well-defined throughout the ages in accordance with the image presented in the epics. Any deviation from these established depictions, as carried out by the filmmakers, directors, and actors involved, is bound to hurt the sentiments of worshippers, devotees, and religious believers.

Interestingly, the makers of Adipurush have taken a symbolic step to appease the discontent by reserving a seat for Lord Hanuman during the film’s theatrical release. This gesture has been met with admiration and appreciation. In certain cinema halls, devotees even light incense sticks and offer coconuts near the seats specifically reserved for Lord Hanuman. Such acts of devotion exemplify the deep-rooted connection and reverence Hindus hold for these revered characters.

Directed by the talented Om Raut, Adipurush boasts an impressive cast, with Prabhas portraying the role of Raghav (Ram), Kriti Sanon as Janaki (Sita), and Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh (Raavan). The film, despite its controversial aspects, has garnered significant attention due to its grand scale and high production value.

In conclusion, the film Adipurush has ignited a firestorm of debate surrounding its portrayal of revered Hindu characters. With the sentiments of Hindus being hurt by what they perceive as distortion and manipulation, a public interest litigation has been filed in the Delhi High Court, demanding a ban on the film. The outrage expressed by Vishnu Gupta, the national president of Hindu Sena, highlights the need to respect the deeply ingrained beliefs and emotions of a community. As the legal battle unfolds, the fate of Adipurush hangs in the balance, leaving many eager to witness the outcome and the implications it may have for future cinematic endeavors.


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