The Security Advisory Council will prove a platform to discuss and achieve gaol of aviation security : Dr. Nasim Zaidi




The first meeting of the Security Advisory Council to Civil Aviation Ministry was held here today, under the Chairmanship of the Secretary, Dr. Nasim Zaidi. Addressing the meeting, Dr. Zaidi said that the Security Advisory Council will prove a platform to discuss and achieve gaol of aviation security. He said this is also a platform between the ministry, security agencies and stakeholders, working for aviation security. He said that the valuable suggestions of the stakeholders of the Council will play a key role to make more effective security system. Dr. Zaidi suggested that there should be continuous review and up gradation of security mechanism to tackle the security breach and meet the international security standard. He also suggested that the passengers’ convenience and passenger friendly aspects should also be part of the security mechanism.

The senior officials of Ministry of Civil Aviation, Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), CISF, Delhi Police and DIAL etc. attended the meeting. Issues like, improvements in existing procedures at airport, measures for implementation of screening measures like advance imaging technology, keeping in mind the socio-cultural values of the country, balanced implementation of security measures, measures for improving cargo security, measures to frame Rules and regulation for enhancing aviation security, City Side Policing, measures for public interface of enforcement agencies, training and capacity building were discussed in the meeting. Commissioner of BCAS also made a power point presentation on aviation security.



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