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Nirjala Ekadashi is a significant day for devotees of Lord Vishnu in Sanatan Dharma. This Ekadashi fast, observed on the eleventh day of every month, is dedicated to the worship of Lord Vishnu, who is known as the protector of the world. According to the scriptures, Lord Vishnu considers the date of Ekadashi as his favorite, making it a special day for the devotees to seek his blessings.

This year, Nirjala Ekadashi falls on 31st May, which is the Ekadashi day of Shukla Paksha of Jyestha month, as per the Panchang. On this day, devotees keep fast for the entire day without consuming any food or water and worship Lord Vishnu. It is believed that by performing certain measures on this day, the blessings of God can help complete all the work without any hindrances.

Offering Coconut and Almonds to Lord Vishnu

Astrologically, offering a coconut and some almonds to Lord Vishnu on the auspicious day of Nirjala Ekadashi can remove all kinds of obstacles and increase happiness. This small yet powerful act of devotion can bring great benefits and help one overcome difficulties in life.

Lighting a Lamp of Ghee in Front of Tulsi Plant

In the evening of Ekadashi, lighting a lamp of ghee in front of the Tulsi plant and chanting the Om Namo Vasudevaya Namah mantra while circumambulating Tulsi 11 times can bring success and completion of all tasks. This act of worship is believed to have a positive impact on all aspects of life and help overcome obstacles.

Offering Yellow Flowers and Food to Lord Vishnu

On Nirjala Ekadashi, offering yellow flowers and food to Lord Vishnu can help fulfill every wish of the devotee. This act of worship is believed to have the power to bring prosperity, success, and happiness to one’s life.

In conclusion, Nirjala Ekadashi is an important day for devotees of Lord Vishnu to seek his blessings and complete all the work without any hindrances. By following these simple measures of worship on this auspicious day, one can gain the divine blessings of Lord Vishnu and achieve success in all endeavors.


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