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Monday, January 17th, 2022

The new UGC guidelines for Blended learning set’s the right direction for all Indian Universities

New Delhi,

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the education sector globally. Classes have been suspended to enforce social distancing. Educational institutions, from schools to universities, have shifted to online methods of teaching and evaluation. Yet, there is no certainty about when normalcy will be restored.

Admissions and regular examinations are being put on hold by many big universities. Various examinations are cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic.

In the midst of this challenging environment Learning spiral successfully managed the admissions and regular examination process of Banaras Hindu University [BHU, Varanasi] through their online application engine UCanApply and Smart Exam.  The company was entrusted with the task of deploying their solution to manage the entire student life-cycle from  Online Admissions to their Degrees including all regular examinations for 2021. Their admission management system UCanApply and Smart Exam was successfully used for managing more than 4,50,000 applicants and 70,000 regular students. In spite of the short time, they were able to deploy the system and incorporate new requirements at short notice.

Through their online examination system and university management system, Learning Spiral also helped BHU in removing manual processes, helped in growing the number of applicants by a whopping 250% over time. The entire application runs on AWS with robust disaster management and a business continuity plan.

An Online application engine and Online examination system are important in today’s times. Learning Spiral offers services and solutions geared towards effective management of applicants and an online examination system capable of conducting proctored online examinations. Their products like UCanassess, SmartExam including UcanApply power many leading universities, recruitment boards and other assessment bodies. 

Commenting on this Prof. MR Pathak, Joint Registrar- BHU said, “Our vision was digitally transforming all the student and examination processes from admission to degree, focusing on replacing manual processes by automation and adopting modern technology. The smooth management of aforesaid activities for around 4,50,000 candidates of entrance test and around 70,000 regular exams was satisfactorily performed by Learning Spiral.”

Commenting on the same, Manish Mohta, MD - Learning Spiral said, “It was an achievement that we successfully managed to conduct online admissions and regular examinations for BHU all through the pandemic. An integrated platform to manage students including an Online examination system are important in today’s times. The new UGC guidelines for Blended learning set’s the right direction for all Indian Universities. It is good that BHU is way ahead on this path with the adoption of our complete suite of products. The lockdown and social distancing have pushed Higher Education institutes to experiment with various digital solutions, some of them by desire while others due to compulsion. The year 2021 is likely to see a tectonic shift in both solution adoption for learning and for administration of Higher Ed.."



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