Monday, February 17th, 2020

The New Deadline has been Fixed as 15th November

The New Deadline has been Fixed as 15th NovemberINVC, Delhi, The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has decided to extend the deadline set for the Multi System Operators (MSOs) for collection of duly filled in Consumer Application Forms (CAFs), along with choice of channels and services and entry of complete details in their Subscriber Management Systems in 38 cities covered under phase-II of DAS implementation, to 15th November 2013. This is the last and final extension. The earlier deadline set by TRAI was 20th September 2013.  To review the progress in this regard, a meeting was held in TRAI with leading Multi System Operators (MSOs) on 25th September 2013. The Authority observed that there is still substantial pendency on this account. The MSOs cited the enormity and complexity of the task involved as the prime reason for the pendency and requested for an extension in the time -line for completion of the task.  The Authority has considered the request of the MSOs and has decided to extend the time line, for the said task, to 15th November 2013. This is being done to achieve full coverage by 15th November 2013, and with a view to minimise consumer inconvenience that could result from MSOs disconnecting set top boxes immediately. Consumers are requested to cooperate and submit the CAFs, complete in all respect, to the respective Cable Operator/ MSOs in accordance with the revised deadline of 15th November 2013; this is truly the very last opportunity. In event of failure to do so, MSOs will have no option but to switch off the signal to those consumers who have not submitted their CAF, otherwise such MSOs would be in breach of the law.



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