Family of Surya Dev
Family of Surya Dev

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Exploring the Radiant Family of Surya Dev: Sangya, Chhaya, and Their Illustrious Offspring

When we talk about Sun God, Surya Dev, we usually think of the radiant orb that graces our sky every day, providing light and life to our planet. However, the story of Surya Dev goes beyond the celestial sphere. His family, wives, and children, are an intriguing part of Hindu mythology. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the fascinating details of Surya Dev’s family tree, shedding light on the lesser-known aspects of his lineage.

Surya Dev’s Marital Journey

Sangya: The Shadow Bride

Surya Dev’s marital journey begins with two wives, Sangya and Chhaya. Sangya, the daughter of Shilpi Vishwakarma, was the first wife of Surya Dev. However, unable to bear the brilliance of her husband, Sangya decided to perform penance by transforming her shadow into her likeness, creating an entity known as Chhaya. For a significant period, Surya Dev lived with Chhaya, unaware of her true identity. This fascinating secret is revealed through various tales that portray Chhaya not as a noun but as a mere shadow. From Sangya, Surya Dev had six children, including the famous Ashwini Kumars, twin sons.

Chhaya: The Loyal Companion

Chhaya, born from Sangya’s shadow, became the second wife of Surya Dev. From their union, four children were born, each with their own unique destinies. Among these children, Shanidev stands out as a prominent figure, known as the giver of results and judge among celestial bodies. However, his birth was marked by animosity towards his father, Surya Dev, which was later mitigated by Lord Shankar’s blessings.

The Offspring of Surya Dev

Dharamraj or Yamraj: The Eldest Son

Dharamraj, also known as Yamraj, is the eldest son of Surya Dev and Sangya. He holds a significant place in Hindu mythology as the deity of death and justice. Dharamraj plays a pivotal role in the cosmic cycle, ensuring the orderly transition of souls from the mortal realm to the afterlife.

Yami (Yamuna): The Divine River

Yami, or Yamuna, is Surya Dev and Sangya’s second child and eldest daughter. She earned her fame as the holy Yamuna River on Earth, blessed by her mother Sangya’s connection to Sun God. The Yamuna River is venerated for its sacred waters, and its significance in Hindu rituals is paramount.

Vaivaswat Manu: The Lawgiver

Vaivaswat Manu, the third child of Surya Dev and Sangya, holds a special place in Hinduism as the author of Manu Smriti, one of the ancient law codes. He is considered the ruler of the present Manvantara, overseeing the reconstruction of the world after its periodic destruction, a crucial task in Hindu cosmology.

Shanidev: The Stern Judge

Shanidev, the first child of Surya Dev and Chhaya, is a celestial body associated with strict justice and discipline. His birth was marked by hostility towards his father, but he eventually attained a prominent position among the nine planets through Lord Shankar’s blessings. Even the gods themselves hold a deep respect for Shanidev’s influence.

Tapti and Rajarshi Kuru: The Lineage Continues

Surya Dev and Chhaya’s daughter, Tapti, was married to the virtuous Somavanshi king, Samvaran. From their union, the renowned Rajarshi Kuru was born, who went on to establish the illustrious Kuru dynasty, from which the mighty Kauravas would eventually descend.

Bhadra: The Unique Constellation

Another daughter born to Surya Dev and Chhaya was Bhadra, who entered the celestial realm as a constellation. Bhadra is described as having dark complexion, long hair, big teeth, and a fierce appearance. She is depicted with a donkey’s face, a long tail, and three legs, symbolizing her unique nature, which is as strict as Saturn. Lord Brahma placed her in Vishti Karan, a significant part of the celestial calendar, to control her distinctive disposition.

Savarni Manu: The Future Ruler

Savarni Manu, the fourth child of Surya Dev and Chhaya, is destined to rule the next Manvantara, the eighth in the cosmic cycle. Much like Vaivaswat Manu, he will play a crucial role in the reconstruction of the world after its periodic destruction.

Ashwini Kumars: The Divine Physicians

Surya Dev’s union with Sangya, while she was in the form of a mare (Ashwini), gave rise to the twin deities known as Ashwini Kumars. These divine twins are celebrated as the physicians of the gods and are known for their exceptional handsomeness. One intriguing tale suggests that they acquired their medical knowledge by learning Madhuvidya from Dadhichi after his head was replaced with that of a horse.

Revanth: The Youngest Son

Revanth, the youngest child of Surya Dev and Sangya, was born after Sangya’s return from her penance. He is devoted to the service of Lord Surya and continues to play a role in the celestial sphere, honoring his father.


The family of Surya Dev, the Sun God, is a complex and fascinating aspect of Hindu mythology. With two wives, Sangya and Chhaya, and ten remarkable children, including Yamraj, Yamuna, Vaivaswat Manu, Shanidev, and the Ashwini Kumars, this divine lineage has left an indelible mark on Hindu cosmology. Each member of Surya Dev’s family has a unique role to play in the cosmic order, contributing to the rich tapestry of Hindu mythology.

In our exploration of Surya Dev’s family, we have unveiled the lesser-known stories and connections that make this divine lineage even more captivating. From the shadowy transformation of Sangya to the strict demeanor of Shanidev, these tales provide a deeper understanding of the celestial dynamics in Hindu mythology.


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