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Saturday, July 31st, 2021

The Medicity launches Hospital Cornea Retrieval Program during National Eye Donation Fortnight


New Delhi, Joining the crusade against blindness, Medanta- The Medicity today launched Hospital Cornea Retrieval Program (HCRP). The initiative will help bring light in people’s lives who are unable to see due to corneal blindness. Medanta will also have a campaign to promote eye donation and to create awareness among the public during the National Eye Donation Fortnight between 25th August to 8th September. People can pledge and register themselves for eye donation at the Medanta Ophthalmology OPD by filling up the pledge form. It is also important to keep the family members informed to fulfill this desire of eye donation after death. Approximately 11 lakh blind population of our country is waiting for corneal transplantation and about 25,000 new cases are being added every year. One eye donation can give sight to two corneal blind persons. Speaking on the launch, Dr. Naresh Trehan, Managing Director & Chairman, Medanta – The Medicity, said, “Vision is the essential need for all. The loss of vision has a dramatic impact on a person’s life and on his/ her family along with the community. We are determined to help more people in need and give them a whole new way of living a colorful life. We have been implementing sustainable blindness prevention and sight restoration treatment with the help of our efficient team of doctors. Hospital Cornea Retrieval Program is just another step ahead to revitalize the lives of people.” Further on the launch, Dr. Sudipto Pakrasi, Chairman, Ophthalmology, Medanta- The Medicity, said, “Through this initiative we would like to be on the forefront in combating blindness amongst the patients and give them a ray of hope for living a better life. There are millions of people who are blind because of problems affecting the cornea. It is possible to bridge this demand supply gap only if there is increased awareness among the public to support the noble cause of donating one’s eyes after death. As a leading multi super specialty hospital in the country and a tertiary referral centre, it is also our social responsibility to promote eye donation even among the hospital patients.



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