The kids inside the jails have done nothing wrong : Sarwan Singh Phillaur




Diwali is the festival of celebration for everyone in our country, proving it right the Minister of Jails, Govt. of Punjab Sr. Sarwan Singh Phillaur on the day of diwali visited Kapurthala Modern Jail to distribute sweets and fruit to the Kids residing in the jails due to the wrong doings of their mother.  He said, the kids inside the jails have done nothing wrong, so why should they be deprived of happiness on such occasions, the endeavor of the government is to spread happiness and smiles on the faces of the kids and in a way spread the message of love and peace. Also, such activities make the women inmates realise that they have done wrong in their life and due to them their children are deprived of such moments, which could be celebrated at their homes.  We have been saying again and again, that these are Sudhaar Ghars not jails so that who come out of it after the punishment is over, are more civilised and responsible citizens of the country and do not repeat such wrong doings again, said the Minister.  Also, as a Gift from the Government of Punjab under the leadership of Sr. Prakash Singh Badal Ji, he informed media that across Punjab 199 police men (Sipahi) of the Jail Department have been promoted to the rank of constable, out of which 186 are males and the remaining 13 are females. He also mentioned the Government is willing to do such activities across punjab in jails which have an impact on the lives of inmates and as a result to which they realize their mistakes and dont repeat it again.  This initiative of the Government, comes as a part of the overall initiative of celebrating such festivals inside jails like karvachauth, raksha bandhan, etc so that the negative thinking of the inmates is drained out and positivity prevails in their brains, concluded Minister Phillaur.


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