The Handiwork of Khalistani Supporters: Unmasking the Rising Wave of Vandalism in Canada

Khalistani supporters,
Khalistani supporters,

Brampton : Canada has witnessed a concerning rise in acts of vandalism and hate crimes targeting religious communities. One such incident occurred at Sri Bhagavad Gita Park in Brampton, a city located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The park’s sign was defaced with graffiti that attacked the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. This unfortunate incident sheds light on a larger pattern of vandalism that has plagued Canada for over a year, targeting not only Hindu temples but also statues of Mahatma Gandhi. In this article, we aim to discuss the rise of these incidents, their implications, and the need for united action against such acts of intolerance.

The Vandalism at Sri Bhagavad Gita Park

Early in the morning, the authorities discovered that the sign at Sri Bhagavad Gita Park had been vandalized with offensive graffiti directed towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The act of defacing a religious space is deeply distressing, as it not only disrespects the faith of a community but also represents an attack on the principles of unity and inclusivity. However, the cleaning crews acted swiftly and efficiently, promptly removing the graffiti and restoring the sign to its original state. The restoration process ensures that the message of tolerance and harmony prevails over the divisive intentions of the perpetrators.

A Disturbing Pattern of Targeted Vandalism

The incident at Sri Bhagavad Gita Park is not an isolated event but rather part of a disturbing pattern that has been unfolding in Canada. Over the past year, several acts of vandalism have targeted Hindu temples and even statues of Mahatma Gandhi. These instances of targeted vandalism not only disrupt the peace and sanctity of religious spaces but also inflict emotional distress on the affected communities. Such acts of hate and intolerance have no place in a multicultural and diverse society like Canada, where respect for all is cherished as a core value.

Unresolved Incidents and the Need for Accountability

Unfortunately, many of these acts of vandalism in the Brampton area and other parts of Canada remain unsolved, with no arrests made to date. This lack of resolution is a cause for concern, as it fosters an environment of impunity for the perpetrators. To address this issue effectively, it is essential for law enforcement agencies to prioritize these cases, conduct thorough investigations, and bring the responsible individuals to justice. The failure to hold the perpetrators accountable not only perpetuates a sense of insecurity but also undermines the fabric of trust within the affected communities.

Unity Against Intolerance and Discrimination

The City of Brampton, through its official Twitter handle, expressed deep disappointment over the act of vandalism at Sri Bhagavad Gita Park. The tweet emphasized that such acts are an attack on the entire religious community and underscored the commitment to combat intolerance and discrimination. The matter was promptly referred to the Peel Regional Police for further investigation. The City of Brampton stands united against these acts of hatred and reiterates its unwavering dedication to the values of diversity, inclusivity, and respect for all. These incidents of vandalism only strengthen the resolve of the city to ensure a safe and harmonious environment for its residents.

Building a Tolerant Society

The recent surge in acts of vandalism in Canada highlights the urgent need for increased awareness, education, and collective action. To build a tolerant society, it is crucial to address the root causes of intolerance and discrimination. Initiatives such as community dialogues, cultural exchange programs, and educational campaigns play a vital role in fostering understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of diverse cultures and religions. By promoting inclusivity and celebrating Canada’s multicultural fabric, we can work towards preventing acts of vandalism and creating an environment of mutual respect and harmony.


The vandalization of Sri Bhagavad Gita Park in Brampton serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by religious communities in Canada. The rise in targeted acts of vandalism and hate crimes demands our collective attention and action. It is imperative that law enforcement agencies intensify their efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice, thus sending a strong message that such acts will not be tolerated. By fostering unity, promoting education, and cultivating a culture of respect, we can create a society that celebrates diversity and rejects acts of hatred. Together, we can build a brighter future, free from acts of vandalism and discrimination.


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