The global economy continues to remain weak : President


New Delhi,
The President of India Pranab Mukherjee presented the 9th National Biennial Awards for Grassroots Innovations and Outstanding Traditional Knowledge at Rashtrapati Bhavan today (March 4, 2017) on the opening day of the week long ‘Festival of Innovations’.

Speaking on the occasion the President said the global economy continues to remain weak. The industrial growth is becoming more jobless in nature, even in emerging economies. In such a scenario, the Gandhian model of decentralized, distributed and diversified innovation-based enterprises is perhaps the best way forward to solve the problems. Gandhiji had always wanted to blend modern science and technology with community knowledge and institutions. His message has become extremely relevant in today’s context.

The President said to further enrich the eco-system around inclusive innovations, we need all public and private systems around grassroots innovations to become empathetic enablers. And we need to do it, not just for India, but for the whole world. The emergence of an inclusive innovation eco-system uniquely suited to India requires several more steps than what has already been taken by the government and civil society. To create a feeling of celebration of grassroots and inclusive innovations in the country, the earlier exhibition of innovation at Rashtrapati Bhavan has become a week-long Festival of Innovation.

The President said it is important to imbibe in children a spirit of scientific inquiry. We must encourage them to pursue their curiosity and creativity. We must help them discover the fascination of creating something new. India is poised to take the fruits of development through initiatives like Start-up India, Digital India and Swachh India to all corners of the country. Ideas of innovators will make a true difference only if all of us in different roles and institutions join hands in creating samvedan-sheelta and srijan-sheelta (compassion and creativity) in the country.

The President also met with the innovation scholars, artists and writers who are staying in Rashtrapati Bhavan as part of In-Residence Programme as well as inaugurated an Innovation Exhibition of grassroots innovators from across the country on the occasion. The Exhibition of Innovations will remain open till March 10, 2017 between 1000 to 1700 hrs for the public. All visitors to the Mughal Gardens will be able to visit the Exhibition.


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