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Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

The direct employment in hospitality sector will also be substantial : Subodh Kant Sahai



                             With the Ministry of tourism  targeting over 12 % growth rate in in-bound as well as domestic tourists, it has been projected that tourism sector will generate additional jobs of about 2.5 crore, both direct and indirect, during the 12th Fiver year Plan. This was stated by Union Minister for Tourism Shri Subodh Kant Sahaiwhile presenting National Awards for excellence in hospitality education for the year 2010-11, here today. He said the direct employment in hospitality sector will also be substantial. Shri Sahai said Employment related to hospitality trades alone would be around 36 lakhs. The Minister informed the gathering that hospitality industry needs about 2 lakh trained persons every year but the supply is just about 18000 persons, which gets further reduced to about 12000 persons after adjusting an attrition of about 30 to 35 %.  Shri Sahai said, “As per our estimate, by the close of the Eleventh Plan, our efforts to expand the institutional infrastructure and broad-basing of hospitality education through Universities, Colleges, ITIs, Polytechnics and Schools is expected to increase the supply of trained persons in a major way.”

            The Tourism Minister said  Central Government, on its part, has been actively trying to bridge the skilled manpower shortage by setting up more govt. sponsored IHMs and FCIs, broad-basing training & education through the aegis of   Universities, ITIs, Colleges, Polytechnics, PSUs, Schools etc., establishing short-term hospitality courses, upgrading the skills of existing as well as aspiring service providers through “Hunar SeRozgaar” programme, skills testing & certification of the existing service providers. Shri Sahai said, “This will be a significant improvement but would still not be enough.  In any case, given the fact that the Industry engages about 5 million persons generating huge revenues, much of the efforts and resources for creating world class hospitality service will have to come from within the Industry.”

            The Union Tourim Minister said the efforts of the Central Govt., though important, have to be necessarily supplementary and catalytic  and here, our IHMs and FCIs have to raise themselves to the level of Institutes of excellence to spur and stimulate similar efforts in the Private Sector. He said, “ I therefore urge the Institutes to make earnest effort to raise their standards so as to be acceptable internationally, to become model institutes.  The Ministry will always be there for you in its supportive role.”

            Referring to the  encouraging trends in International and Domestic tourism Shri Subodh Kant Sahaisaid tourism is now being recognized as one of the key drivers of growth and employment generation in the country. He said the contribution of tourism to the GDP is estimated to be more than 9%.

            The Minister referred to an independent study carried out by his Ministry  to identify major gaps that existed in terms of infrastructure and service delivery at major tourist destinations. He said this study concluded that, for both the foreign and domestic tourist, the lack of Hygiene and Sanitary conditions in and around monuments/ destinations, poor Solid Waste Management around the monuments/destinations and absence of hygienically maintained public amenities like Toilets were the key factors that were impeding our efforts to catapult India as a leading tourist destination. Shri Subodh Kant said,“Campaign Clean India” is aimed to undertake both sensitization and action at field level on bringing our tourism destinations and their surroundings to an acceptable level of cleanliness and hygiene. He said the objective is also to ensure that these levels are sustained through ownership and involvement of private and public sector stakeholders. Shri Sahai said, “TheIHMs and FCIs are expected to play a leading role in setting standards of cleanliness in and around monuments for all other educational institutions to follow.”

            Shri Subodh Kant said in order to preserve, propagate, research, document and patent the numerous hues of the Indian cuisines through an institutional mechanism, the Ministry of Tourism has already initiated steps for the setting up of the Indian Culinary Institute with six of its centres across the country.

            The National Awards for Excellence in Hospitality Education (2010-11) were presented in three categories i.e. awards to the students, awards to  the teaching faculty and awards to the Institutes.



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