Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

The Dark Side of Success


New Delhi,   

VG Siddhartha's death underlines the extreme stress and emotional distress entrepreneurs can be under. No matter how happening and successful your life appears to the world, it's a lonely place at the top.

V G Siddhartha, owner of popular chain Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) was found dead as he could not handle so much pressure in life. His sudden suicide has left many in shock, raising concerns about the prevalence of suicide and the stigma around mental health in India.

The reasons for someone to think of suicide can be many. It is usually not a decision taken in a moment, but a considered thought process. The individual typically does not see a solution to their problems and struggles and is unable to express what is happening, which can prompt the feeling of helplessness. Those around the person are also unable to recognize the signs, which translates into help not being extended in those moments. People do not consider suicide as a solution to their woes. It is, in fact, a deeply embedded thought that keeps recurring, along with mental illness — dark thoughts, and suicide ideation.

Kavita Yadav a counseling expert and a founder of JiNa Living Positively says that ”Numerous times I have had meetings with my friends for work or just for the sake of enjoying a cup of coffee at CCD. Such a sad end to a life who gave so much to the society and the entrepreneur world. May his Soul Rest in Peace. Mental Health, Stress, Anxiety Depression... Do we really understand that feeling of being all alone in spite of being surrounded by friends, colleagues, and family members; that feeling of failure deep within when others look upon us as being super successful; that feeling of hollowness, sadness while what others see is our smiling face, our funny side, spreading happiness wherever we go?”

“Dear friends, as entrepreneurs or working professionals we all make it a point to schedule our business meetings well in advance, mark our calendars, put reminders, and plan everything around it. Can we do the same planning and meet our friends, family members without any business agenda but to listen. Simply listen to what they have to share. And pay attention to not only what they say verbally but also what they do not say. A slight change in their behavior, their tone, their attitude, their routine. Can we all do this on a regular basis? Maybe someone very close is waiting for this. Let's not run behind money, success to the point that we forget to enjoy life, relationships, and friendships. Do not ignore Mental Health issues."



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