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Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

The church is always standing in the solidarity with the poor during this pandemic

Bhopal ,

Archbishop of Bhopal and the head of the catholic community in Madhya Pradesh Dr. Leo Cornelio said that the church is always on the side of the poor and all of us should always reach out to the poorest marginalized people, provide food to the hungry ones and help out the needy people always.

“Poor have no option to go anywhere but the rich people can manage easily that is why the Church has done the best to reach out to the needy one. The church has provided food packets to the poor people, taking care of the sick people, distributing masks and sanitizers, and helping the indigent people in every manner,” he said.

The church has been helping the poor for a long time. Also, rations like pulses, grains, oil, and spices were distributed by the Archdiocese during the lockdown period. Archdiocese and its various institutions were involved in helping the people in the lockdown.

“The schools and institutions have been made the quarantine centres for the people on the order of the government to help the ailing ones” he added.

“The main motive of the church has always been To reach the poor and the needy ones and helping them also concerning education and enlightenment too and the church will continue to light up the lives of the people.” he quoted




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