The Central Government has once again expressed the danger of increasing terrorist incidents due to the strengthening of fundamentalist forces in Jammu and Kashmir. While the first few reports claimed that the central government is going to field 1800 paramilitary personnel for the security of the citizens in the union territory, now the Ministry of Home Affairs has given the threat of Islamic State being active in Jammu and Kashmir to Srinagar. One Ahmed Ahangar has been declared a terrorist under the UAPA Act.

According to the notification issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ahmed Ahangar alias Abu Usman al-Kashmiri has been declared a terrorist under the UAPA Act, 1967. Abu Usman, a resident of Srinagar, is currently in Afghanistan and is a key recruiter of terrorists for the Islamic State in Jammu and Kashmir. Born in 1974 in Nawakadal, Srinagar, Ahangar has close links with Al Qaeda and other global outfits. He is currently trying to open the way of recruitment for the Islamic State in India.

According to the notification, Ahangar is trying to promote terrorism in Kashmir and for this he has also started identifying people from his Kashmir-based network. The Ministry of Home Affairs said that Ahangar has been recruited by ISIA to carry out attacks on India. entrusted with the responsibility. He has also played a role in launching an online propaganda magazine focused on India. He is a wanted terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir for the last two decades and is now trying to spread terror in Kashmir by establishing cooperation between different terrorist organizations. PLC/GT


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