The Campaign Diary – The Secularism of AAP : By Arun Jaitley


Arun JaitleyMrs.Vadra’s Pain

Mrs.Priyanka Vadra claims not to be in politics.  She helps her mother and brother in their constituencies which she is entitled to.    Yesterday, she commented that she was pained at the personal attacks on her husband Mr.Robert Vadra, who has been in controversy over the nature of his investments.  Prima facie, it is the case of investments without original capital and an unprecedented return. There is obviously something much more than meets the eye.

Mrs. Vadra is right that personal attacks pain people and should be avoided.  I wish her political friends should also realize this.  If they had realized it, her brother would not have made Mr.Narendra Modi’s so called child marriage into a public issue.  The Congress party would not have made security to a lady in Ahemdabad into a “snoopgate” issue.  In a case where courts have found that there is not even enough case to register an FIR against Mr.Modi, the Congress party would not have carried on campaign for 12 long years based on falsehood and fabrications. Certainly, if the mother had listened to her daughter, she would not have called Mr.Modi “Maut Ka Saudagar”.

I completely agree with Mrs.Vadra that personal attacks pain people and should be avoided.  But good advice, like charity, always begins at home.

The Secularism of AAP

If the Delhi assembly election was the high point for AAP, the Lok Sabha elections will spell doom for it.  AAP was a governance disaster in Delhi.  It represented political adventurism. Its ideology was populist and only vote oriented. It demonstrated extreme opportunism.  One of their lady representatives has been now seen telling the supporters that her community, must cease to be secular and adopt a more communal approach.  Such comments by a political party or its representatives cannot even be privately made.  These comments reflect their mind set. They demonstrate that the alleged “idealism” of AAP was put on one.  The mask has slipped, even if accidently.

Humpty Dumpty

In Lewis Carrol’s work “Through the Looking Glass” said Humpty Dumpty in rather scornful tone,  “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to me mean – neither more nor less’.  To this Alice (In Wonderland) asked “the question is whether you can make words mean so many different things”.  Humpty Dumpty boasted in response “the question is which is to be master – that’s all”.

The Captain has chosen to call me a “third rate liar”, since I alleged that he, under whose signatures, approved the proposal for property tax in urban Punjab and given an undertaking to the Central Government.  He now comes out with the most fascinating explanation that it was the Chief Secretary who did it on his own.  I have produced a written note sheet signed by Capt. Amarinder Singh on 7th December, 2006 undertaking to the Central Government that the property tax will be levied in urban Punjab as a condition precedent for receiving Central grants for urban renewal.  But when Humpty Dumpty signs on a proposal, he means only that he intends to be.  When he says that Jagdish Tytler is not involved in the 1984 riots, he means that he is not giving him a clean chit.  There is a place for Humpty Dumpty in fiction and not in real life.


**Arun Jaitley
Leader of Opposition (Rajya Sabha )

*Disclaimer: The writer is a freelance journalist and the views expressed by the author in this feature are entirely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of INVC.


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