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Monday, January 17th, 2022

Thailand Used Car Market Outlook to 2025

The report titled “Thailand Used Car Market Outlook To 2025 – Growth of Online Used Car Platforms and Easy Availability of Credit Escalating Industry's Growth” provides a comprehensive analysis on the status of the used car industry in Thailand. The report covers various aspects including volume of used cars & market size, production scenario of new cars in the country, target audience, growth facilitators, issues & challenges faced by the industry, and other aspects. Thailand Used Car Industry report concludes with projections for future of the industry including forecasted sales revenue and volume by 2025, market segmentations, Covid-19 impact and analysts’ take on the future.

Thailand Used Car Market Overview and Size:

Thailand Used Car sector is in the maturity phase, growing at a CAGR of 1.8% during 2014-2020. Increasing demand for private vehicles, reduction in purchasing power, easy availability of finance, and increasing VAT on new cars are the main reasons behind positive growth in used car sales revenue. Another major driver is the drop in use of public transport due to the pandemic and need for private vehicle.

Thailand Used Car Market Segmentations

By Market Type (C2C, B2C/OEM, and Auction): B2C/OEM Organized market dominated the used car industry in Thailand in 2020 on

The basis of value and volume. The presence of major OEM is concentrated in the Bangkok, Vicinity and Tier-2/Tier-3 cities; However, Multibrand dealers are present throughout the country, both online and offline.

By Type of Car: 1 Ton pickup truck dominates the market. This is majorly due to the fact that it has both commercial and personal utility. Also, the taxes on these vehicles are low as compared to sedan and economical cars as majority of these vehicles are bought by farmers.

By Kilometers Driven: Cars with running of 80,000- 120,000 kilometers dominate the market. This is mainly due to the reason that 1 ton pickup trucks constitute the most of the market. As they have commercial usage the odometer reading in the vehicles of the country is quiet high.

By Ownership Period: Since the finance for used and new car is readily available in the country the ownership period of the cars has been decreasing. Majority of the market share is acquired by cars having age of 5-8 years

By Region: Used car are majorly concentrated in Bangkok due to higher purchasing power as compared to other regions. The Northeastern region has the second highest used car sales volume due to strong economic growth from increasing cross-border trade supported by the presence of special economic zones

Snapshot on Online Used Two Wheeler Landscape

The online used car market has been emerging with the rise in the popularity of e-commerce platforms in the country. The growth of online advertising, which has fuelled the rise of online classified platforms such as iCar Asia, Car Some, Carro and others have revolutionized the way in which pre-owned vehicles have been sold in the country. With the growth in the number of vehicles sold online, these players not only witnessed a sharp growth in marketplace revenue but also from other sources including advertisements, subscriptions and other value added services. The Overall Online Market is expected to Increase at a double Digit Positive CAGR during the period 2020-2025.

Competitive Landscape of Thailand Used Car Market

Used Car Market in Thailand has been dominated by B2C and OEM Dealerships which has captured a share of majority share in the sales volume of used cars during 2020. In the OEM segment, Toyota and Honda together account for majority of market. Both foreign as well as domestic companies are present in the market. These players compete on parameters such as proximity, value added services, prices, promotional offers and tie ups with major financial institution. In order to increase their revenue, the players offer free gifts and warranty as a part of promotion.

Thailand Used Car Future Outlook & Projections

The used car industry is expected to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and witness growth by 2025. The increasing need for use of private vehicle in order to avoid public transport is expected to fuel the sales of used cars. The sales of economical cars are also expected to increase over the forecast period. The Used Car Market is expected to witness investment in promotional and marketing activities and also strategic partnerships of domestic and foreign players. 



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