The students of Tender Heart School celebrated the ‘Spirit of Freedom’ by putting up a colourful cultural programme which lasted for an hour today. The Chief Guest – the Home Secretary-cum-Education Secretary,Mr.Ram Niwas was given a warm and traditional welcome.  He then released a bunch of colorful balloons to spread the message of peace, unity and brotherhood.

The students enthralled the audience with their brilliant folk dances depicting the united colours of India. The dances like Manipui (Krisha Leela), Bhangra, Garba and Sua were choreographed by  Mrs. Veena Suri & Mrs. Isha Sharma.The prayer song – Itni Shakti hame dena data, prepared by Mrs. Vinita Dharmani,  Mr. Laxman and Mr. Ondry Paul was appreciated by one and all. Freedom from stress is as vital as freedom from vices.  School yoga experts also performed some intricate ‘asanas’ to do just that.

The highlight of the morning was a play enacted by the students of Classes VI and VII urging people to give up their greed for wealth and live happy and contented lives. The little ones tapped their feet to a popular Bollywood number promising to learn from their past mistakes to build a better tomorrow. The students had been preparing for the function very well.
The Chief Guest addressed the audience and lauded the efforts put up by the young children. He also instilled in them the value of good personal hygiene and habits, why we must eat green vegetables and fruits to maintain a healthy mind and body.  The Home Secretary guided the children to consume traditional drinks like plain water, juices rather than drink aerated drinks. Also the Home  Secretary made the children aware that every property like roads, buildings, railways was owned by the public as it was created through tax payer’s money that the children should take special care in taking pride in the National assets and not harm or destroy anything in public parks, schools, roads etc.




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