Telecom Department Extends Spectrum Auction Deadline by 19 Days: What You Need to Know

Reliance Jio Leads as Top Bidder in Spectrum Auction with Rs 3000 Crore Deposit
Reliance Jio Leads as Top Bidder in Spectrum Auction with Rs 3000 Crore Deposit

The Telecom Department has extended the deadline for spectrum auction by 19 days. This auction will now be held on June 25. This information has been received on the department’s website. According to the amendment made in the notice inviting applications for the auction, the new date for the start of the live auction has been changed from June 6 to 25 June 2024 .

Key Updates and Implications

  • Extended Timeline: The decision to extend the deadline by nearly three weeks provides participating entities with a broader window of opportunity to engage in comprehensive preparations for the upcoming spectrum auction. This extension is indicative of the department’s commitment to ensuring a fair and transparent auction process.
  • Amendment Details: The revised schedule for the live auction, now set for June 25, is detailed in the amended notice inviting applications for the auction. This adjustment allows interested parties to align their schedules accordingly and participate in the auction proceedings with clarity and confidence.

Spectrum Bands and Pricing

The spectrum auction will encompass a total of 8 spectrum bands catering to mobile phone services, each offered at a base price of approximately Rs 96,317 crore. These bands include:

  1. 800 MHz
  2. 900 MHz
  3. 1800 MHz
  4. 2100 MHz
  5. 2300 MHz
  6. 2500 MHz
  7. 3300 MHz
  8. 26 GHz

Top Bidders and Earnest Money Deposits

  • Reliance Jio: Noteworthy in this auction is Reliance Jio’s substantial earnest money deposit of Rs 3000 crore, positioning the company as a formidable contender with significant bidding capacity.
  • Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea: Other major players in the telecom sector, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea, have also made substantial earnest money deposits of Rs 1050 crore and Rs 300 crore, respectively, underscoring their commitment to securing spectrum assets.

Pre-Eligibility Criteria and Bidding Capacity

Companies participating in the auction accrue points based on the earnest money deposited, directly impacting their bidding capacity. Higher points signify greater bidding capacity, enabling entities to vie for a broader spectrum allocation across multiple circles.

Auction Terms and Conditions

Successful bidders will be granted spectrum rights for a duration of 20 years, with the flexibility to opt for payment in 20 equal annual installments. Additionally, the Telecom Department retains the option to reclaim spectrum acquired through the auction after a minimum period of 10 years, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in spectrum management.

Future Prospects and Industry Dynamics

With the extended deadline for the spectrum auction, active telecom service providers such as Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio Infocomm, and Vodafone-Idea are primed to capitalize on the opportunity to secure spectrum assets crucial for enhancing their network capabilities and expanding their service offerings.

In conclusion, the extension of the spectrum auction deadline underscores the Telecom Department’s commitment to facilitating a transparent and equitable auction process while empowering telecom operators to bolster their infrastructure and drive innovation in the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape.


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