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Sunday, May 9th, 2021

Technology to convert stubble into manure & bio-gas available

Prominent Punjab agriculturist develops 'stubble burning' solution, asks union environment minister, Delhi & Punjab CMs' for permission to present it to them  

New Delhi,  

In a major development which could provide reprieve to the choking of NCR Delhi & other North Indian regions, a permanent solution to 'stubble burning' has been mooted by Sanjeev Nagpal, a Punjab based  agriculturist and progressive farming expert. Nagpal has written to the union environment minister, and to the Delhi and Punjab CMs' with a solution to the vexing problem. The missive  also talks about how the solution has the potential to kick-start rural economy and have a positive impact on quality of agri produce, soil health  and health of consumers. It is noteworthy that  Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had recently made an appeal to Punjab government to find a solution to the problem of stubble burning.


Sanjeev Nagpal who is also managing director of Sampurn Agri Ventures Pvt. Ltd(SAVPL) said, "Paddy straw when burnt is a cause of pollution and considered a liability but if utilized properly it is a big asset for India. Paddy straw if processed to produce biogas and organic manure can transform rural economy and reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emission in agriculture -the second most polluting activity after fossil fuels. In this paddy straw alone can help develop India into a $ 5 trillion economy."


Nagpal added, "I have written to Prakash Javdekar, union environment minister, Delhi CM and Punjab CM that  SAVPL has developed the technology to convert paddy straw into  silica rich manure & bio gas in technical association of IIT Delhi. This technology is demonstrated in a plant set up at Fazilka, Punjab and is working very well. The manure that has been developed by us has been tested and field trials conducted by Punjab Agriculture University(PAU) and PAU has recommended it for agriculture use and have included it in the 'Package of Practises' published by PAU."

Nagpal has asked Prakash Javdekar for permission to showcase a presentation to him in this regard and also called on CMs' of Delhi and Punjab for an appointment to share details about the unique solution. Nagpal informed that there is potential of establishing as many as 30,000 plants across India, with an investment potential of approximately 20 lakh crores.

It is noteworthy that paddy straw compost is a rich source of silica. Silica is an incredibly useful fertilizer as it provides better yields & also prevents plants from taking up toxic heavy metals from soil ,the silica rich food also improves immunity of humans against many diseases including COVID 19.

Nagpal further said, "This model will have a cascading effect on the rural economy. India produces 1500 million ton of stubble out of which 50% is either burnt or wasted. This is a huge resource if utilized for value addition and will lead to economic growth of the country. Each project of 70 tpd paddy processing will require total manpower of 40 approximately. Another advantage of composting is recovery of biogas which can easily be converted to either electric power or vehicle fuel. One ton of paddy straw gives 250 cum of biogas and produces 450 kwh or 110 kg of cng."

Summed up Nagpal, "The silica rich manure will also help improve the quality of produce as now our products are not acceptable in the global market. In order to develop our agriculture and processing we need to look at crop quality."