In a workshop organized by Haryana State TB Eradication Committee, Panchkula on the occasion of Nikshay Diwas, Additional Director General, Haryana Health Services Department, Dr. VK Bansal, speaking as the Chief Guest, called upon the religious leaders to spread awareness regarding TB free India through their discourses so that the disease could be eradicated.

        This workshop was organized through virtual medium under the chairmanship of Director General, Haryana Health Services Department, Dr. Veena Singh. In this workshop, District TB Officers connected with religious leaders and members of faith based organizations of their respective districts. Apart from this, members of Don Bosco Church, Brahma Kumaris, Vishwas Foundation, Buddhist, Nirankari Samaj, Mata Mansa Devi Temple, Panchkula, Radhaswami (Bhiwani), Garhwal Sabha and Art of Living etc.

        Dr. VK Bansal said that just as we have been working unitedly for the last one and a half years to end the COVID-19 pandemic, in the same way, cooperation on every front is very necessary to eliminate TB disease from its root.

He said that TB patients need to be more alert during the COVID-19 period. He said that a special drive is being conducted in all the districts to trace the active cases of TB in the State which will continue till July 27, 2021.

        He said that TB patients should be encouraged to take treatment and if any TB patient needs nutritional food or any other social security in addition to the nutritional allowance given by the government, then help should be provided to them. He called upon the religious leaders not to allow any female TB patient to be exploited around them and to take care that there should be no discrimination against them.  He asked them to encourage their followers to stop the spread of misconceptions related to TB disease in the society so that the patient can live at home with their family. Encourage the TB patient to take the treatment for the prescribed period and support him in taking the treatment, he added.

        Additionally, run radio jingles/TV commercials on TB before or after sermons at religious gatherings. He asked them to motivate their followers to download the TB Arogya Saathi app from the phone’s play store.

Deputy Director, National TB Eradication Programme (NTEP), Dr. Sushma Arora apprised everyone present about the State TB Eradication Programme through a presentation.

She said that besides providing free test, free treatment and free medicines to the TB patients by the Haryana Government, Rs. 500 per month is given as nutritional allowance during treatment. In addition, Rs. 500 incentive allowance is given to new TB patients who register themselves in a government hospital so that more and more patients are able to receive the benefits under the state TB eradication programme and TB is eradicated by 2025 to realize Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi’s vision of TB Free India.


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