New Delhi  : The celebrated indigenous enterprise, Tata, has taken the automotive industry by storm with the unveiling of the revamped model of its heralded SUV, the Nexon. Let us delve deeper into the groundbreaking changes and features that set this model apart in the fiercely competitive market.

Bold New Design

Curvaceous and Futuristic Tata has reimagined the Nexon with a curvature design that is both aesthetic and futuristic, promising a visual delight for onlookers. The sleek yet broad front outlook coupled with newly designed DRL and LED headlamps usher in a modern era for the SUV segment.

Rear Enhancements At the rear, enthusiasts will appreciate the redesigned tail gate which boasts spread DRL and LED tail lamps. The addition of a new spoiler imparts a sporty semblance, enhancing the car’s overall appeal.

Safety: A Five-Star Experience Enhanced

Increased Safety Features Building upon its laudable 5-star safety rating, the new Nexon promises augmented safety features, ensuring peace of mind for every journey. From a reinforced structure to advanced security systems, every ride promises to be as safe as it is comfortable.

Airbag System Safety takes precedence with the inclusion of six airbags, promising optimum protection for all occupants. The innovative safety architecture ensures a secure environment, reaffirming Tata’s commitment to safety.

Interior Refinements: Comfort Meets Elegance

Central Locking and ESP Central locking and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) are integrated to offer a seamless and secure driving experience. These features work in tandem to provide a harmonized operation, ensuring safety without compromising on comfort.

Luxurious Additions The top variant indulges occupants with luxuries such as leather upholstery and a sound system equipped with a subwoofer, promising an unparalleled in-cabin experience. The ventilated seats ensure a comfortable journey, no matter the distance.

Technological Advancements: A Step into the Future

Digital Instrument Cluster The Nexon welcomes drivers with a state-of-the-art digital instrument cluster, featuring a 10.25-inch display that offers crisp visuals and intuitive controls, promising an interactive driving experience that is both modern and sophisticated.

Wireless Charging and Air Purifier In a bid to enhance convenience, the Nexon introduces a wireless charger, ensuring your devices remain charged on the go. Moreover, the integrated air purifier promises a healthy and fresh cabin environment, enhancing the quality of your journeys.

Nexon EV: The Pinnacle of Electric Innovation

Bumper and Lighting Just like its ICE counterpart, the Nexon EV flaunts a newly designed bumper and a refined lighting system, showcasing Tata’s dedication to innovation and forward-thinking design.

Battery Pack The Nexon EV retains its trusted battery pack, a testament to the reliable and efficient performance it has delivered over the years. This steadfast approach guarantees the continuity of superior electric performance that Nexon EV owners have come to appreciate.

Engine Specifications: Unchanged yet Unbeatable

Engine Options Despite undergoing a plethora of changes, the Nexon retains its 1.2 liter petrol and 1.5 liter diesel engines, promising the same robust and reliable performance that has been a hallmark of the Nexon range.


A Vision Realized With the launch of the facelifted Nexon and Nexon EV, Tata not only realizes its vision of a futuristic car but also reinforces its commitment to safety and comfort. The indigenous company stands tall, promising a vehicle that is not only a marvel of engineering but also a testimony to Tata’s vision and innovation.

The Future is Here As we stand on the cusp of automotive revolution, the revamped Nexon and Nexon EV are not just cars; they are a statement of what is possible when ingenuity meets experience. Tata invites you to be a part of this journey, as we steer towards a future that is as promising as it is exciting.


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