The lush green fields, the lively youth, the colourful hues and ‘Chardi Kala’ spirit – that is what people know Punjab for. Sadly, it is more the apt description. Kudos to the team of PUKHRAJ PRODUCTION HOUSE led by Ms Annu Bains who has come forward with a true reflection of Punjab’s heart-touching story in their maiden film ‘Qissa Panjab!

This is not just a film that focuses on the lives of six young people, their hopes, dreams and aspirations and the choices they make to achieve them; this is Punjabi Cinema mirroring the society for all those people who nurture in their hearts a distinct love for Punjab. I don’t want to the spirit of Punjab is gone. I want to say the Youth has moved into a direction that is ruining their future. Also this is story that is relevant in the whole world today not just India. The indiscriminate use of party drugs and substance abuse is affecting the next generation. I Am hopeful that this would be a wakeup call for the youngsters . My focus is not on Punjab but on the younger generation says Annu Bains.

To begin with, you may not see the typical green yellow Punjab shown elsewhere. The entire story of the film is knit in the cold misty foggy winters of Punjab which even though carry a sharp chill, still manage to warm the heart. The cold winters and heated up issues shown in the movie are a stark contrast; no wonder the Director Jatinder Mauhar has taken meaningful cinema to a new high. He has ensured that the brilliant storyline gets matched by some equally awe-inspiring performances by a talented bunch of starcast that includes Preet Bhullar as Arjun,  Kul Sidhu as Kismat,  Dheeraj Kumar as Heera,  Jagjeet Sandhu as Speed, Aman Dhaliwal as Deep and Harshjot Kaur as Sukhjeet.

The story and screenplay of the film has been done by Uday Pratap Singh while the cinematography is by Apal Singh who is one of the top documentary makers in the country.

The movie is already stealing attention on social media platform. One for its gallant storyline and secondly, for its super amazing music which features two tracks in the voices of Gurdas Maan and Nooran Sisters . Film music is directed by Gurmoh. The music-lovers are eagerly waiting to hear its songs while lovers of meaningful cinema are looking forward to see a film made with honestly of intent and passion.


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