Take a trip down the road of every relationship with the latest episode of Hum-Tum


~The Screen Patti in association with Revv-self drive cars has come up with the latest episode of Hum-Tum bringing the delicate rom-com back on-screen~


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In the context of a relationship two’s a company and three’s a crowd. We all have experienced this in a relationship. When you are unsure of the steps to take you seek advice from others and act according to it forgetting that the advisor knows just one side of the story. These opinions fuel the spark and turn it into a fire hazard. The latest episode of The Screen Patti’s series Hum-Tum (from the house of The Viral Fever) in association with Revv-self drive cars, takes us down the road of every argument that one has had in a relationship and how taking advice from others has affected it.

Relationships consist of years of commitment, months of happiness, weeks of arguments and days of silent treatment. Like every rose has its thorn, every smooth riding relationship hits a few speed breakers, steep turns and difficult upward climb. In the end what matters is the destination you reach. In the latest episode you see Tanvi and Kishore rekindling their relationship while on a road trip taking us all on an emotional ride.

Commenting on the episode Ahsaas Channa who has been a part of various Bollywood movies and web-series said, “This episode is a cute depiction of the arguments that every person in a relationship has had and how instead of talking out and clearing the clutter of misunderstandings we hold onto our pride and make things worse by taking advice from third person and inciting a small disagreement into a full blown fight.”

The episode featuring Ahsaas Channa, Ayushi Gupta, Parikshit Joshi and Badri Chavan is a must watch as it brings the chemistry of a couple in a long-distance relationship and a love triangle on-screen. In association with Revv-self drive cars it takes us on a trip of emotions filled with humor, conflict and romance with #JustRevvIt.


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