South Asia is one of the hardest-hit regions with climate change

India has changed its perception from being a cost-center to an innovation center for GCCs

Higher Education Students Demand Focus on Mental Health in NEP-2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had serious and sudden repercussions on businesses, economies and lives of people across the globe

Methods should be explored to take the cooperation between the India-Canada

PHDCCI’s India-Nepal Centre deliberated for cooperation in “Hydroelectricity Sector” between India and Nepal

Programme to promote healthy living with focus on wellness and preventive health through healthy habits, diet, exercise, and holistic health

People should be in the Centre of Communication Rather than Information 

What legislative laws provide these provision and how denying these can be a violation of labor laws

What parents and children need to understand now is that we are all virtual or digital citizens

Government has a bigger role in consumption of software and electronics products

The steel industry will have to find ways to reduce the cost of construction

Offline to Online Education - Not Just Combating but Winning the Battle against Covid-19

COVID-19 has made us realize to expand international relations to various parts of the world

We should be back in business anywhere from 18-24 months from today

Social Media can play a role of a Game Changer to ensure business growth

There is a pressing need to create a global voice for all nations to work in harmony in order to develop human safety

MSME sector is the backbone of the economy, has helped the Indian Navy in being on the forefront in Indigenisation

Heartfulness-focused leadership will bring phenomenal changes in the education system

Renewed global interest in Geographic Diversification of Supply Chains - Senior Government Officials spotlight investment in the US-India corridor

4th India International CSR Summit 2020 concluded with powerful discussions

The future is all about convergence and integration of technologies

Treating Cancer & other NCDs Safe & critical while Covid Vaccine Expected by January 2021

Global Law is Necessary for Internet Governance Globally

Co-working growth post Covid-19 would be phenomenal 

India- Myanmar vow to deepen trade ties, expand in business exchange and step-up in border cooperation post COVID-19

The protection and conservation of rivers cannot be achieved without public awareness and public participation

This step paves the way for circular fashion at home and promotes recycling of waste

The future of PSUs relies upon Digitalization, E-Office, Remote Working and maintaining the standards of Sanitation

Need to expand the approach that currently defines market economies