Vice President of India

Any legislature is as good as its members

Every Indian must strive to protect the unity

Solar alliance would play an important role

Our education system should reflect Indian culture and traditions

India growing at a faster rate than other major economies despite global slowdown

India is a favoured destination for foreign investments

India continued to firmly adhere to its values of peace

Physical activity must become integral to daily routine

Ramayana is a heritage of the entire mankind

Public sector and private firms should adopt archeological sites

Youth should participate in a big way to eradicate social evils

Empower the youth to become job creators

Education plays a pivotal role in realizing the demographic dividend

Atharva Veda is a treasure trove of knowledge

India always believed in having peaceful relations

Regular physical activity should become part of daily routine

Trend needed to change

Youth should spend time in the lap of nature

We must salute the Soldiers for guarding our borders

Vice President advised the Ministry of HRD

Transitory provision needs to go

People welcomed the abrogation of Article 370

Gandhi’s teachings eternally relevant

Book, “Chandra Shekhar - The Last Icon of Ideological Politics” Released

Education plays a key role in empowering people

Book would prove useful to the common man

Do away with rote method of teaching

Teach India’s heritage, culture, and traditions to children: Vice President

Drug abuse is global challenge

Rajya Sabha must act as a role model