Vice President of India M. Venkaiah Naidu

India desires peaceful, friendly and cooperative relations with Pakistan

Education should lay the foundation for a strong character: Vice President

We need an efficient law as well as its effective implementation

India and Chile enjoy warm and friendly relations: Vice President

Beauty and duty makes one mighty: Naidu

Hospitals should partake in providing Primary Health services: Vice President

Health is real wealth and it is more relevant: Vice President

India is committed to provide all support to Cambodian Agriculture: Vice President

Builders have a big role to play in developing the country’s Infrastructure: Vice President

Vivekananda taught us to do true service by helping people: Vice President

Vice President addressed a delegation of the World Memory Sports Council for India

The biggest challenge to world order today is terrorism: Vice President

Education the frontiers of knowledge: Vice President

Indian culture gave divine status to alphabet in vedas: Vice President

Vice President Addresses Udvada Utsav 2017

Growing and vast economy like India needs high quality venues: Vice President

Our country is richer: Vice President

Teachers' role is crucial in shaping students and the society: Vice President

There is nobody superior or inferior, according the Vedas: Vice President

Our civilization, culture, thoughts and philosophy are rooted in the Vedas: Vice President

Information with confirmation is great ammunition: Vice President

The ballot is powerful than bullet: Vice President

Ashok Singhal was an exemplary individual: Vice President

We should reshape our country: Vice President

Google can't replace Guru: Vice President

Rural India is rapidly changing: Vice President

India and Bhutan share exemplary bilateral relations: Naidu

Students to be well acquainted with the country’s culture, history and heritage: Vice President

Healthcare sector and Skill Development in youth crucial for India’s progress: Naidu

Dr. Kalam was a creative leader who walked an unexplored path of developmental policies: Vice President