V. Srinivas

Modi Government brought a paradigm shift with the Minimum Government Maximum Governance

Jammu and Kashmir would soon emerge as a model of transformation

GGI has been developed for the first time by the Government

India and Maldives have much in common

Unveiled several sweeping administrative reforms

Development model of North Eastern Region will be implemented 

Digital transformation is very important part of good governance

Maximum Governance will essentially be bringing more transparency

Date is announced

Need to focus on monitoring the quality of grievances

Online Hackathon will evoke a significant response from all stakeholders

MGMG special issue could be brought out expeditiously

Various issues identified by DARPG

India adopted a zero tolerance approach to corruption

22nd National Conference on e-Governance 2019 successfully concludes

Shillong would provide considerable momentum to the e-Governance initiatives

Improving Justice Delivery Systems in Land Dispute Redressal -Transformational Governance in The Board of Revenue for Rajasthan

The Central Secretariat, Indian Civil Service And The Indian Political Service 1834-1947

China : Weilding The Economic Clout

A march to new india

रोजगार सृजन में एमएसएमई उद्यमों की प्रमुख भूमिका

Farewell address : An Address by V.Srinivas IAS

The Bench – Bar Relationship in the Board of Revenue - An Address by V.Srinivas IAS

A March to New Age India – 21st Century Challenges before Civil Services

Phase II of Digital Rajasva Mandal - SMS Facility for advocates

Major Financial Crisis - Conclusion : World Economic History Part 10

The european crisis - World Economic History Part 9

The great recession - World Economic History Part 8

Latin american debt crisis – World Economic History Part 7

The east asian crisis - World Economic History Part 5