Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare

PM’s vision for universal healthcare to the needy and vulnerable

Ayushman Bharat Yojana is benefiting millions

Children are the true ambassadors of health

We need to position health as a component of all public policies

Strongly committed towards eliminating Viral Hepatitis by 2030: J P Nadda

Nadda reviewed the status of vector-borne diseases

NHM is vital to supporting the states in improving their health systems: Nadda

Government is committed to advancing the Universal Health Coverage in the country: J P Nadda

Nadda has directed the officials to ensure continuous monitoring and vigil on all cases of Swine Flu

India has ended polio and will use a similar intensified effort to end TB also

All sectors including the health sector need to be fully engaged in responsibility, activity and advocacy for preventing accidents

Eliminate malaria by 2027

India has prioritized strengthening health systems as a non-negotiable strategy

This will further boost our resolve to strengthen tertiary care and improve the medical education

We are closely monitoring the situation : J P Nadda

Sanitation staff has done a commendable job

Ministry is working very closely in coordination with the Delhi Government : J P Nadda

Proud moment for India to have achieved two momentous public health milestones : J P Nadda

Nadda reviewed the status of vector-borne diseases

Special Focus on the Districts where TFR is high

I call upon all Indians to pledge to donate organs and save many precious lives: J P Nadda

Yoga is not only physical activity but also a complete science of living : Nadda

Tertiary care facilities will thus get a boost with all these projects coming up : Nadda

Family Planning a key strategy to reduce maternal and child mortalities and morbidities : J P Nadda

A significant steps towards Digital India and for easy access of health services to the common man : J P Nadda

The nine pillars of the Union Budget covering the rural sector : Nadda

I reiterate India’s commitment, leadership and resolve to combat AMR : J P Nadda

Health Minister and UNICEF Ambassador Priyanka Chopra launch WIFS awareness Campaign

Reaffirm India’s commitment in ending epidemic by 2030

Let’s work together to share sustainable, effective, efficient, accessible, acceptable and equitable solutions to our common problems : J P Nadda