Tri City News

TB patients need to be more alert during the COVID-19 period

Lekhi has no right to defame farmers

Programme will revolutionise the groundwater governance

Poor families are benefited at the earliest

Anaemia is one of the issues of public health concern

Applications invited for State Teacher Award 2021

We have to be prepared for the third wave

Maximum focus would be on making the state drug free

Bindra promised 20k jobs by industrialists in coming months

Dharmasthali will be developed as world pilgrimage city and divine Kurukshetra: Dattatreya

Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder

Haryana's performance has improved a lot

People of Faridabad have always done excellent work

He would continue to work hard for the prosperity of the bank

Bandaru Dattatreya took oath as the 18th Governor of Haryana

Congress leaders are trying to take political leverage

Punjab Government is fully committed to the welfare of the farming community

ERSS aims to ensure accountability towards the safety and security of citizens

ERSS project aims to ensure accountability towards the safety and security of citizens

More than 2000 indian students are studying at BSMU which is largest Indian Community

State government is focusing on strengthening infrastructure

Entire allotment process should be done transparently

Ensure cleaning of river water channels before monsoon season

Haryana is geared up to tackle the third wave

Haryana will achieve 100 percent target within 2021

The farmers do not face any problem

Feeling of serving the society should be inculcated among every one

Priority of the government is to fight pollution

COVID-19 fatality rate of Haryana is 1.23 per cent

Panchayats are visiting protesting sites to hold positive talks