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He is not a VIP rather a normal Punjabi

People do not face any kind of problem

NCC Scouts and students associated with NSS can play a more important role.

SC Commission issues instructions to refraining from using word 'Dalit' for identity of any person belonging to Schedule Caste

Charanjit singh channi sworn in as chief minister of punjab

आंदोलन पर कांग्रेस का एजेंडा हावी

Complaint marked to DGP Haryana

State remained fully peaceful

We cannot produce more water, it can only be managed

Close monitoring of smuggling of Millet

Most people do not know about the three laws

Government committed for the welfare of all sections of the society

Central Govt should assure guarantee on MSP

Committee of historians related to 1857 will be formed

No leniency should be shown against the violators

Protect Ozone for safe and Healthy life - Science City celebrated World Ozone Day

PPP is an ambitious scheme

Farmers should protest in Punjab while their fight was against the BJP-led government

Mega Food Parks can turn out to be a great business opportunity

The environmental and geographical conditions of Punjab are more suitable

“Balle Balle” Punjabi Music channel celebrates 3rd anniversary

अफ़ग़ानिस्तान में तालिबानियों द्वारा किया जा रहा जुल्म बिलकुल गलत

‘Emergence: Out of the Shadows’ - a film on LGBTQ rights to be released in India soon

Modernising the health care system corporation is Chief Minister's vision

किसानों को लेकर कैप्टन अमरिंदर का ब्यान गैर-जिम्मेदाराना

अनुच्छेद 370 के हटने से खुश है कश्मीरी

Sacrifices of soldiers would be ever remembered

भारत के सड़क परिवहन एवं राजमार्ग मंत्री बधाई के पात्र

No paucity of funds to run gaushalas : Janjua

करनाल में आंदोलन किसानो का प्रजातांत्रिक अधिकार