Tarun Chugh

Congress tore federalism to pieces, ushered anarchy in Punjab : Chugh

शाहीन बाग शैतान बाग -  देश को नहीं बनने देंगे सीरिया

One of the pioneer mattress start-up, Shinysleep launches its superior latex mattress product

CAA: Hope Capt Amarinder understands Kapil Sibal’s language

People of the Punjab won’t tolerate

BJP demands Rs.50 lakh compensation

दलितों पर हमला सरकार की रजवाडा शाही सोच परिणाम 

Gangsters rule the roost as Amarinder forgets promises made to people of Punjab

BJP hails Modi for not budging to international pressure on RCEP

Sitharaman’s new announcements to strengthen Indian economy: Tarun Chugh

BJP Manifesto a perfect roadmap for a powerful India

BJP slams Jakhar for not uttering a word regarding farmer suicides in Punjab

Gurdaspur bye-poll would be Congress' Waterloo: Tarun Chugh

कैप्टन ने 100 दिन मैं असफल , अलोकतांत्रिक , अत्याचारी , वादाखिलाफी , गुंडागर्दी ,वाली सरकार दी है

Campaign has improved situation

Rahul, Kejri, Mamta, Lalu upset as their Money “Looted” in Scam Turned Trash : Chugh

Prabhu's Rail Budget a true manifestation of Modi's vision: Tarun Chugh

Modi's visit to a temple and a gurdwara in Canada has conveyed a positive message

BJP to hold PM's Srinagar rally despite threats, PDP's & others misinformation campaign : Tarun Chugh

Modi's Srinagar Rally will be historic : Tarun Chugh releases BJP's 'Vision Kashmir' in Srinagar