Sushri Uma Bharti

Exercise will be over very soon

Bill proposes a Single Standing Tribuna

Water conservation could be a major challenge : Uma Bharti

We have to look into it and sort it out at the earliest : Uma Bharti

These projects will cover all most all drought prone districts of 18 States

The report has been prepared by a group of eminent geologists : Uma Bharati

I am ready to sit on hunger strike

Focus on development activities needs to be balanced by management mechanisms to achieve sustainable utilization of ground water resources

Now there is no gap in the sayings and doings

Public participation is a prerequisite for the success of any such plan : Uma Bharti

I saw India Water Week itself - as a key initiative for sharing best practices : President

India has very long history of dam building : Prof. Sanwar Lal Jat

The valuable scientific evidence generated as a result of this research and in-depth study will help to understand the medicinal properties of the Ganga water : J P Nadda

Uma Bharti expressed concern over unauthorized mining activities going on in River Ganga

Interlinking of rivers progamme is very important for enhancing water and food security of the country : Uma Bharti

Bihar will get a reprieve from drought as well as the flurry of floods in future : Uma Bharti

Tourism Ministry is committed to develop Majuli island as a tourist destination : Dr Mahesh Sharma

It will be her endeavour to finish most of the major tasks related to Ganga conservation in next four years : Uma Bharti

Sustained efforts and inclusive partnership, we can achieve the ambitious task of Ganga Rejuvenation : Uma Bharti

Rejuvenation programmer could not be successful without cleaning of river Yamuna : Uma Bharti

British River Cleaning Experts calls on Uma Bharti

Companies like NPCC can play a very positive role in Ganga Rejuvination Programme : Uma Bharti

Government will ensure that there is no loss to the environment due to this projectm : Uma Bharti

If this is not possible than we may close them down : Uma Bharti

There is a need to take the issue of water conservation to every village of the country : Uma Bharti

Only farmer can feel the pain of these delayed projects : Uma Bharti

No decision about Ganga rejuvenation will be taken by the centre without taking into confidence the concerned States : Uma Bharti

The Government will ensure that there is no loss to the environment due to this project : Uma Bharti

Hindu religious philosophy identifies Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksh, as the foremost objectives of a human being : Pranab Mukherjee