Shripad Naik

Studies on assessment of Defence Budget are carried

Procedure has number of industry friendly provisions

Israel, Germany, Spain are among the other users of 4th Generation Spike LR ATGM system

NCC is the torchbearer of the Armed Forces

Raksha Mantri Excellence Awards for employees of Defence Accounts Department

Will be shared by the Prime Minister

FDI Policy has been revised

AYUSH systems have potential knowledge base

Bronze bust shall be a befitting homage

Need to open more avenues

2nd World Integrated Medicine Forum 2019 from 23-25 January, 2019 in Goa

Tourism and movie industry are closely related

It would underline the essential unity of all holistic systems of healing

We should look towards Ayurveda not only for treatment purposes but also for the promotion of a healthy life

Book on ‘Yoga and Islam’ Released

Muslim Leaders will support International Day of Yoga

Centre government will give special assistance to cyclone-hit states

The Komagata Maru adventure : Komagata Maru Incident*

Celebrating Indigenous Printmaking - Special Exhibition of Graphic Prints from the collection of NGMA