Ram Nath Kovind

Justice delivery becomes more effective

This is a programme to not merely de-pollute the Ganga

Problem of drug abuse can be solved by awareness

President to Present National Awards

President in Cuba, pays tributes to National Heroes of Cuba

Hindustani community has beautifully assimilated in the Surinamese society

The 4th International Yoga Day was celebrated at Rashtrapati Bhavan

Suriname invites Indian FDI in different sectors

India-EU must work together to combat terrorism and radicalisation

India and Greece shared values of democracy

We have a deep cultural understanding of each other

The Indian community in Greece has an important role in strengthening the economic relations between the two countries

We are securing our interests in every part of the world

Governors can inspire universities towards USR

Governors can help in the shaping of a road map for the betterment of lives of our fellow citizens

The crew’s success is not just its own

Armed Forces are a symbol of excellence and dedication for the entire country

The goal of their education should not be limited

IISER is an extremely important centre of higher education and research

Reforms in the mining sector have been pushed by the government

The services sector represents a vibrant and expanding component of the global economy

People of Rajasthan Love their Land and Culture

Government of India were always with them and supportive of their families

There is urgent need for filling the gap in healthcare professionals

Research and innovation can play an important role

President to present visitor’s award for Research and for Technology Development

Weaker sections was not adequately heard

Modern technology should be used for the promotion of Sanskrit

our Constitution is our sacred text

India values its economic and development partnership with Nepal