Ram Nath Kovind

Women's safety is a very serious issue

We have an increasing number of elderly people

Technology, however, is just an instrument

Democracy finds its resonance

The post of Governor is the most important link in our federal system : President

Governors can give all the proper guidance by using the constitutional powers given to them

Role of the Armed Forces has expanded far beyond traditional military matters

Battles of tomorrow will be fought in the domain of information and technology

India and the United Kingdom are natural partners bound by historical ties

महाराष्ट्र में राष्ट्रपति शासन - शिवसेना ने चुकाई भारी कीमत

Let us learn and get inspired from life of Prophet Muhammad

NEHU can be instruments of social and economic transformation

We should resolve

Terrorism is the global threat

The best way to honour a gift is to make the best use of it

Making changes in education

Single step will generate enough goodwill

Divyangjan are the creation of God

Peace is a necessary precondition to development

We are searching for inner peace and happiness

India values its development partnership

We need Indian Diaspora’s support and helping hand

Philippines-India business story is an encouraging one

Economic partnership is a key pillar of India-Netherlands bilateral ties

Their blood and sacrifice have secured our sovereignty

Our joint efforts to defeat terrorism

Universities should contribute towards USR

Sacrifice has secured our sovereignty

President of India Awards Colours to Corps of Army Air Defence

Gandhian values are relevant