Ram Nath Kovind

You have spread the soft power of India

Portals are manifestation of the vision of CM Chouhan

Education continued without a break as most institutions started offering lessons online

Many Corona-warriors have lost their lives in this war

The Supreme Court of India has earned a reputation for its superior standards and lofty ideals

Parliament and Legislative Assemblies are the cornerstone of our parliamentary system

All shades of Indian culture are reflected in JNU

The state of the world today poses multiple challenges before every nation

Implementation of the education policy will produce students with ignited minds

Synergy from all institutions, academia and the students will be helpful for expeditious implementation of NEP 2020

The online education system has made it obligatory for the parents

President Pays Homage to Dr Shanker Dayal Sharma on His Birth Anniversary

We will move rapidly on the path of progress and prosperity

There are many stories of kings and affluent people suffering from acute depression

Covid-19 pandemic posed an unprecedented challenge to the global community

No new capital works will be taken up in FY 2020-21

राष्ट्रपति ने महामारी रोग (संशोधन) अध्यादेश, 2020 को दी मंजूरी

We are, currently, in the midst of an unprecedented challenge posed by COVID-19

We will have to be extra sensitive towards their needs

COVID-19 : Being regularly monitored at the highest level

State is extensively using social media to spread awareness

India deeply appreciates his efforts on Arctic and climate change issues

President of India confers 61st Annual Lalit Kala Akademi Awards

Everyone should be prepared to repay the debt of society

Challenges before us today are multifold and complex

Supreme Court of India deserves admiration for carrying out many radical reforms

Debate and discussion are internalised in India’s social psyche to arrive at truth since time immemorial

India’s future journey will be greatly helped if banks exhibit deeper reach

India has always been keen to strengthen the economic pillar of India-Sri Lanka’s bilateral relations

We need to intensify our efforts towards early detection of leprosy cases