Monday, September 16th, 2019

Ram Nath Kovind

India has been a victim of state sponsored terrorism for decades

India and Switzerland have long shared democratic values

India’s growth and Iceland’s niche capacities complement each

This talent and energy needs to be properly developed and utilized

It is a matter of pride for us

World is moving from information era to knowledge era

Making an invaluable contribution for building a strong and prosperous nation

Education needs to go beyond mere literacy

we see our Diaspora as an integral part of our transformative journey

India is keen to upgrade and enhance its political relations with Guinea

India is privileged to be a trusted partner for The Gambia in its growth and prosperity

President pays tributes at Chinar Corps War Memorial

President highlighted the special talent of the Divyang Youth

Governments are making efforts to protect the forest wealth

Priority has been given to judgements related to labour laws

​India’s dreams are not for India alone

Let us commit ourselves

India Rankings mechanism should persist

India and Chile trade relations are doing well

It is important to ensure

India is the world’s fastest growing major economy

We will protect nation’s sovereignty

Mahatma Gandhi remains relevant to 21st century concerns

Quality health for everybody was a shared goal

It drew inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi

Multiple dimensions emerged

President of India presents Tagore Awards for Cultural Harmony

Relates to one of the biggest challenges facing humankind

Justice is not an absolute and justice is not a constant

India and Algeria Enjoy traditionally warm and historic relations