Radha Mohan Singh

Women more empowered

New Agriculture Export Policy has been announced

Ensuring nutritional security

Agricultural Science Congress is nothing short of an Agri. Research Kumbh

Will take the relationship to a higher level

SFAC is commendable in realizing the vision of doubling farmers’ income

Agriculture plays an important

No minimum and maximum limit of financial assistance

Help of Brazil will be sought in Embryo transfer technology

Policy reforms have been carried out

Remaining residue can be converted

ICAR approved registration of record 15 new breeds of livestock and poultry this year

The portal will provide transparent system to the beneficiary

India’s prowess in agriculture diplomacy has grown

Pusa Kisan Haat will have Technology Park

Creating employment opportunities

India becoming the world’s largest milk producer

HLC approved the additional assistance from NDRF

Modi government has granted a lot of support

This revolution made India self-reliant in foodgrain in less than 25 years

Several states have shown interest

Budget outlay of the agriculture sector has been enhanced by 74.5%

Requested US Ambassador for immediate removal of this ban

Womens participation is 75% in the production of major crops in the country

Polythene is doing utmost harm to the Himalayan ecology

Substantially reduce the harvest and post-harvest losses

It has become necessary to explore all possibilities

Government is providing subsidy @50-80% for crop residue management machinery

It is highly desirable that global efforts are stepped up to bring these nutri-cereals back to the food basket

The IFS can be classified as natural and intentional integrated systems