R.K. Singh

Any fear of disruption in power supply entirely misplaced

PM Modi could act as a promising alternative to support the RE integration in the grid

PFC and REC to carry out a strategic analysis to adapt to the changed business environment

USA is willing to enter into a genuine collaboration with India

REC deserves to be congratulated for it

Over the period, PFC has become a leading NBFC and a key player in financing of the Indian Power sector

The wastage of energy is minimized

All our power sector employees are safe and ready to provide uninterrupted power supply

The companies would have the opportunity to hear from Indian policymakers who are involved in drawing up manufacturing schemes

NTPC has played an instrumental role in the development of Bihar

Digital Skills are crucial in the post Covid era to ensure skilling for the youth

The expansion of NTPC will continue and it will keep setting benchmarks in professionalism

Tha Renewable energy is economically viable today

India to achieve energy security

Commission and the Ministry of Power agreed

Innovation is the most important enabler for resolving environmental problems while reducing costs

Conference of States Power Ministers to be held at Himachal Pradesh

Draft on amendments to Electricity Act will also be circulated soon

REC to Train 1000 Women in Mewat under CSR

Every household in country will get electricity connection by December

All possible support to Meghalaya

Government will soon come out with a policy

ISA shall help mobilize sufficient funds for solar energy projects

Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana Launched

Home Secretary stressed on the need to focus on the whole gamut of disaster management

गृह सचिव सार्क सम्‍मेलन में लिए रवाना