Prakash Javadekar

States to utilize fund towards forestry activities to achieve the objectives of the NDCs

India will lead from the front and move the world

Step will boost the investment

Promoting ease of doing responsible business

BASIC countries coming together and putting views together is an important aspect of UN negotiations

BRICS countries urged developed countries to fulfill their commitment under the UNFCCC

India would become a 5 trillion dollar economy sooner than later

India , is no more a back bencher

66th National Film Awards for 2018 announced

Reading Culture of People should be revitalised

Committed to support Doordarshan and All India Radio

In the next 5 years, Rs. 100 lakh crore will be invested towards development of infrastructure

50th IFFI is a proud moment

India will lead by example in combating desertification

His ministry will soon launch an initiative called School Nursery

University would open new vistas of development

Future action plan should focus on improving quality education

Central Government will reimburse 50%

Sharjah is home away from home for millions of Indians

Study in India program has taken off well

Parents should not get worried about honest students

Kala Utsav National Competitionis a unique initiative

It is a significant step

LEAP will help in creating better higher education leaders of tomorrow

Every KV is a mini India in itself

Research in social science is essential for progress of the society

New bye laws denote a major shift

All HEIs will be mandatorily required to have a GRM

Without innovation a nation cannot achieve sustainable growth

Committed to provide quality education with equity