Prakash Javadekar

The book will inspire all sections of society

This channel will cater to all sections of the population of Assam and will be immensely popular

The report evaluates the status of habitat corridors connecting major tiger populations

Guinness world record recognizing the country’s efforts in monitoring its wild tiger population

The India now has an estimated 2967 tigers as per the latest census

Government will soon issue Standard Operating Procedures to speed up resumption of film production in the unlock phase

This would be a dense urban forest

यह आत्मनिर्भर भारत के लिए सही कदम है

It will be examined after looking at the status of COVID-19 pandemic

किसानों के लिए बड़े फैसले किए

We’ll discuss all these suggestions and demands with respective Ministries

Power of Awakening by Anubha Gupta unveiled in National Capital

The book has become a tradition and is becoming popular by the day

The issues cannot be solved by any one country alone

Hosting CMS COP-13 is a significant step towards wildlife conservation

New trend of recognition of the endeavour of media organizations

It embodies unity of mind and body

हिसंक प्रदर्शन के पीछे कांग्रेस और आप

Q and A With Debut Director whose documentary bagged Rajat Kamal at 66th National Film Awards

The neutrality and sanctity of newsrooms should be upheld at all times

It should be the way forward, instead of resorting to politics and blame game

A start to a new chapter, with the creation of J&K and Ladakh as UTs

Committee will  assess efforts in combating poaching and illegal wildlife trade of Snow Leopards

Open Air Screenings will be open to everyone and will not require any registration

New Strategies to address the demands of new technologies and stiff competition

DD India will soon be available all over the world

Rarely ever is such linguistic diversity seen in any other country

GDP growth rate will soon rise

We should ensure

70 सालों में जो काम नहीं हुआ, उसे प्रधानमंत्री मोदी ने कर दिखाया है