Nitin Gadkari

UN-Habitat has identified Sustainable Development Goals which stress on ensuring universal access to safe : Dr. Nandita Chatterjee

Swachh Bharat initiative is different from others : Venkaiah Naidu

We must greatly hasten the speed for building new roads including express highway networks : Nitin Gadkari

Port sector in India needs to adopt best international practices : Nitin Gadkari

Green fuel will not only help in enhancing energy security : Nitin Gadkari

Gadkari to represent India at the opening of the New Suez Canal in Egypt

बायो-डीजल चालित वाहनों के लियें व्‍यापक उत्‍सर्जन मानकों के लिए अधिसूचना का मसौदा तैयार - उद्योग जगत कर रहा था लंबे समय से इंतजार

Equipment should be manufactured in India itself

Nitin Gadkari will visit Bhutan

The possibility of applying this model in inland waterways sector is being studied : Nitin Gadkari

Bill declaring 101 rivers of the country as National Waterways : Nitin Gadkari

States will have to facilitate early land acquisition and forest environment clearance : Nitin Gadkari

West Bengal's Haldia Set to Become India's First Green Port: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari

Quantum of punishment is way above that provided in the present Motor Vehicle Act

Transportation through waterways is much more cost effective compared to road and rail transportation : Nitin Gadkari

Engineering and research part of our planning should be inclusive of all types of new and innovative technologies : Gadkari

Government is brining changes in the Motor Vehicles Act : Nitin Gadkari

The time bound and result oriented initiative would have a very effective impact on the system : Nitin Gadkari

MEE to start a biofuel corridor across Maharashtra

Vision of the Bill is to provide a framework for safer, faster, cost-effective : Nitin Gadkari

The Corporation, based on the idea of e-governance, will be an instrument for creation : Nitin Gadkari

Projects are being implemented by the Government for strengthening the power system in Delhi : Piyush Goyal

Action should be initiated within the framework of existing laws : Prime Minister

The digitalization will ensure smoother movement of heavy transport and make system corruption free : Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari to Launch Initiative to ease Movement of Heavy Transport

The road transport and shipping are very important sectors for the development of the country : Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari has asked the industry to invest in the development of Inland Waterways in the country

E- rickshaws a Great Help to Poor People : Nitin Gadkari

Road projects of his ministry raced ahead as Government stepped on gas : Nitin Gadkari

Scindia meets Union Ministers Discuss Important Issue